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Lady Bug Jello Jigglers

There are ALOT of really cute Lady Bug food out there if your planning a Lady Bug party.  I've been looking at so many lately trying to get ideas for my dessert table that I'm surprised this idea didn't come to me sooner.

When I was a child, we had Jello at our Sunday dinners.  My mom was the pro at making those jello rings with fruit inside.  It was one of my favorite parts of the meal.

I don't know why I have never really made Jello with diner before, but recently I "rediscovered" the joy and yumminess.  (Is that a word?)

And so have my we've had Jello alot recently.  Yesterday as I was making it for dinner, I had a brainstorm.

Why not use my football jello jiggler mold (you can see it in action at last years Superbowl party here) as a Lady bug?
So I got busy making some strawberry jello jigglers.

When you pop the jigglers out of the mold, I REALLY recommend placing the mold in a little bit of warm water to help release it.  In my case, I used some VERY warm water and it melted the NFL and Jello designs off the sides of the helmet. 

When I went to the store this morning, I bought some of this sparkle gel to try and make the dots on my ladybug, but it turned out BAD....really Bad.  Like this bad...

He looks a little like a porcupine...a masked porcupine.  Maybe he's a Superhero in disguise...if so, then he has a problem with Kryptonite or something because after 10 minutes, he looked like this...

A pretty sad ladybug.

So instead, I filled the cap of a decorating bottle with cool whip.
(I didn't fill the whole thing because it was a "little" difficult to get the cool whip into the bottle and I didn't want to waste any that could be eaten later.)

I used the cool whip to add dots on top.  Then I added ovals on the front for eyes and a little half circle for a smile.

I wish I could have found some of that Chocolate cool whip at my store, but I'm not sure if they even make it anymore.  The darker color might have made it look less like a porcupine and more like a ladybug, but what do you do?

And I'm not sure my party guests will even care!
After all, who doesn't love jello in whatever shape it comes?

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