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Lady Bug Cake Pops

I will never be Bakerella. 
Well, okay, I admit, I'm her every night in my dreams.

But in reality, it will probably never happen.  It's just not where my skills lie.  But, I do have a good time trying.  And these Ladybug cake pops were no exception.

I started these cake pops the regular Bakerella way.

Bake the cake.
Add the frosting.
Form balls.

At this point, I gently squished the ball into the plate to make it flat on the bottom side.
Then I dipped them into chocolate melts.

Using the red candy melts, I dipped one side at a time.

I dipped them at an angle to allow the chocolate to shine through in a "V" shape.

Using melted chocolate, I added a face and dots to my lady bugs.

To finish off the lady bugs, I added green food coloring to a bag of coconut and shook it up to color it.  Then I placed my lady bug cake balls on a bed of "grass".


  1. Those are great! Very cute and I love the green coconut touch!

  2. These look fantastic and are so much fun - thanks for sharing how you made them!