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Lady Bug Candy Cone Favors

Usually when I start work on a party, I have a basic idea of where I want the party games and dessert table to go.  I have to admit, with this Love Bug Valentine party, I'm just going with the flow.  I'm not sure where it's going to take me, and my blogging ideas, so I hope you'll just go with me the next few days.

I have a vague idea of the party in my head, but no real specifics.  So I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and searching my favorite party blogs for ideas I can adapt to my Valentine Party.  (Probably WAY TOO much time lately, but hey, it's all for the greater good right?)

With these candy cones, the idea came from a reader's request for the Angry Bird candy cones to be made as downloads so she could make her own.  So that got me thinking...why not make a whole set to go with my Love bug theme?

So I did.  But I couldn't decide which design I liked the most, so I made a few different ones.
I made the Lady Bug candy cones with 3 different designs in both red with black accents and red with white accents.    I guess I need some help figuring out which ones will work best with my party table.

But they are SUPER easy to make.

I gathered my supplies.  I used my printer, cardstock, glue gun, lollipop sticks, ruler, pen, and a dull knife for scoring.

I then printed out the candy cone onto cardstock and cut around the outer edges.

Using my dull x-acto knife, I scored the inside lines between each of the triangles.

It helps alot to fold all the edges into a cone shape, expecially the white tab on end.  Make sure the tab is folded into the correct spot, expecially down at the bottom.

Using a glue gun (I use mine for EVERYTHING and ALWAYS have it plugged in), place a line of glue along the white tab and quickly press the cone together.

To make the bond secure, I run a capped pen along the glued edge on the inside.  This helps to make the glue stick and to lay flat.

To add the stick to the cone, I use a lollipop stick and place a genrous amount of glue around the entire top edge.

Carefully drop the stick down inside the cone with the glue side up.  Using your finger (I have a low temp glue gun so this hasn't burned me yet), carefully push the stick down through the bottom of the cone until the glue acts as a plug.

To make sure the glue holds, I firmly squeeze the bottom of the cone where the stick, glue, and cone meet.

To finish these candy cones, fill with small candy, popcorn, or other treats and serve!

You can get the Angry Bird candy cone file in our store HERE
and the Lady Bug candy cone file HERE.

More designs of these popular cones coming soon!

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