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Disney Princesses to the Rescue

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I had a lot of fun ideas to show you for Easter.  I had a lot of plans....but you know what they say "the best laid plans of mice and men..."

Last Tuesday I was working on a project and was doing something DUMB.  (Did you notice the capitals?) 
Well, DUMB usually catches up to me...and with a vengeance.

I fell while doing said DUMB thing.  Fortunately, I didn't break anything.  I only bruised myself REALLY, REALLY good.

Unfortunately, this left me too sore to be able to move up and down the stairs very well.  So, I didn't get down to my crafting room to work on all those fun Easter projects.  I didn't even get down there to read and play on my computer.  It's not been to fun.

After a week, I'm starting to be able to move around again.  I actually even made it out for walk this morning.  And my desire to create is blooming again.  I'm ready to try some new projects that I've been brainstorming.  Because you see, the Disney Princesses came to my rescue.

My daughter's youth young women's group is having a fundraiser to be able to go to their annual summer camp this year.  They want to do a Disney Princess theme with dinner, entertainment, and fun decorations.

"Drama Queen" volunteered me, and I have to admit, I'm super excited about the prospect.  What a fun way to get back on my feet again.  I have some grand plans for the decorations and so will be talking Snow White, Arial, Belle, and Rapunzel for the next little bit.  Hopefully you have a little Princess who will be interested in the fun project ideas I hope to share.

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