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Beauty and the Beast's Lumiere

So I wish that I could tell you how to make this AMAZING Lumiere decoration from Beauty and the Beast...but I can't.  But I just HAD to share it with you since it is so absolutely wonderful....

and the most amazing part of him?
Drama Queen made him!
Isn't it awesome?
She needed to make something fictional in art class in school, so she took paper mache, some clay, a little bit of tissue paper, and some paint...and TADAH!  Lumiere.

It's super cool in the fact that she made him so a tea light will fit in his arms and head.  So we reused 
the lights from the Tangled lanterns to make him shine.  It's so cool.

I don't think I can rave enough about my UBER TALENTED artist of a daughter.

And she was kind enough to let us use him for our Beauty and the Beast table (seen here with the Princess Belle) at last week's fundraiser.  We had more than one person who wanted to take him home, but we put a body guard on him and he'll soon have a permanent home in our living room!

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