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Dum Dum Candy Wreath

I wanted to make a new wreath for the front door of my new candy store.  I really considered making another Jelly Bean wreath like before, but I decided I wanted something new and a little different.

I saw this sucker wreath idea on Pinterest and decided it would be perfect.  I was a little worried about the candy melting in the hundred degree heat we've had the last few weeks and about the suckers falling out whenever someone opened the door, but I'm glad to say after having it on the door for over a week, it's not been a problem.

I started with a foam wreath from Walmart and a bag of Dum Dum suckers.

I was worried about how long the sucker sticks were and pushing them into the wreath, so I cut them down at the base of where the wrapper meets the stick.  It was a tricky job but I found if I held the stick and cut, the sucker would fall into my lap and the sticks wouldn't fly all over the place.  (Yes, it was a problem for a while...almost took out one of the kiddos that way.)

I wanted a really full wreath so it took the whole large bag of Dum Dums and a little bit more.

Then I randomly started pushing the suckers into the foam wreath until it looked "right."

I tried to make it good and full so that when people walked in, you couldn't see any white.

To make sure it didn't bang against the door, I put a Command adhesive strip on the back of the wreath so it sticks to the door.

Lastly, to hang it, I used a Command adhesive hook and turned it upside down and placed it on the top of the inside of the door.  Then I looped a big piece of ribbon around the wreath and tied it in a bow on the hook.

Now it looks beautiful and welcomes visitors to my new store in a sweet way!

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