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Lost in Sweet Candy Bliss

I never meant to be gone so very long.  Life has gotten crazy, wonderful, out of control, and amazing in the past two weeks!

I have told you before how I live in a little town in Colorado and there's not a lot here.  I've struggled trying to run my candy and party business with so little choices available to me.  Well, I'm constantly telling my kids that they can't complain about something unless they are willing to do something to change it.  I finally took my own advice and have turned my little business into an actual retail store!

I still can't believe it.  As I look around at the amazing confections around me, it totally thrills and amazes me to see such love in the candy.  So many people have helped me to get to realize my dream and to keep me going through the rough spots (and there have been MANY!)

But I'm super excited at the results.  I am hoping that this new candy store will grow my online party dreams and my online will help me grow the candy.  If you're ever in Canon City, Colorado, be sure to come by and say "HI!"  If you can't get there, come tour it with me now.

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