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Olympics on the Go

I love my little store...I really do.  But I admit, being here 24/7 is kinda hard sometimes.  I feel like I miss out on a bit of fun.  Fortunatly, I can make my own hours, so I don't miss everything.  I won't get to miss the Opening Ceremonies, but I will miss some of the best Olympic action since I don't have cable or a tv at the store.

I'm a little partial to the swimming events.  Maybe it was because I dreamed of being an Olympic swimmer...maybe it is me still dreaming of reaching that AAA in breaststroke.  Maybe it's just an exciting event with lots of great action.  And who doesn't mind watching Michael Phelps (both in and out of the water?)

Even though I'll be away from the TV, I don't have to miss all the action.  And in case you'll be out and about too, here are a few quick ways to catch all the excitement, glory, tears, and thrills of the Olympic games.

In case you have access to a computer with internet, you can go to   They will have all the news, videos, and information on all your favorite sports.

Or you if you have a smart phone, NBC has two apps that you can download and use to catch all the fun.  They have the Olympics App and the Olympics "Live Extra" App.

The NBC Olympics App has all the news, medal counts, videos, and updates from London.  Plus, it looks like you can follow your favorite athletes and events so you won't miss all the swimming, diving, gymnastics, or track and field fun.  You can even interact with all your favorite social media platforms right from the app, so you can cheer your team on in full social media fashion!

The NBC Olympics "Live Extra" App lets you watch ALL 302 events so you can see some of the rarer events that don't get as much TV action as you might like.  Plus, access is free for subscribers to access is free for subscribers to a cable, satellite, or telco TV service package that includes CNBC or MSNBC.

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