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Back to School Dinner

Last week my kids started school finally.  I think they were ready for it.  I know that I was.  I LOVE having my kids around, but by the end of summer, they have done all the fun stuff and are ready for the schedule and new activities of school.

To start each year, we like to have a special dinner and Dear Hubby gives each of our kids a Father's blessing to help them through the school year.  It's a fun and special night in our family.  This year, I went with a black and yellow ruler theme for the dinner.

Since I'm a working mom now, I didn't have a lot of time to get both dinner and the dinner table ready.  I used a lot of the elements from last years dinner with a few upgrades thrown in.

I started with a black tablecloth and then took 3 of the ruler place mats I made HERE and placed them down the center as a table runner.

Then I found a vase at Dollar Tree and went out and picked some wild sunflowers from the side of the road. I paired that with 2 white candlesticks in matching clear candle holders.  I was tempted to go with black candle holders, but didn't have any extra black spray paint on hand.

To finish off the table, I made personalized plates with a ruler theme for everyone in my family.  Then I used the napkin rings that I made HERE and wrapped a yellow strip of paper around the black base to tie in with the colors. 

It made for a quick easy, but super cool looking Back to School dinner.

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