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The Connecticut School Shooting

I had every intention of posting the results of my Christmas party tables on Friday. 
It really was a nice party, but seemed a bit unimportant as I heard the terrible news of the shootings in Connecticut.

My heart was broken for the mothers and loved ones who lost those sweet children and the brave women who sacrificed all that day

So instead of sharing my party post, I spent the day weekend holding my babies.
I picked up Mini Me for a dentist appointment that morning and kept him beside me all day.  I just couldn't bear to let him go.  Fortunately, he's a very loving child and loves to give hugs and kisses so didn't mind Mom's clinginess and random hugging.

I am so blessed to know that as bad as the hurt is for those families, I KNOW they will see their loved ones again.  I KNOW that families are forever.   I hold that knowledge to be one of my greatest and most treasured foundations of my life. 

I pray for the peace of the knowledge for the families touched by this terrible tragedy.
And for the rest of us, go and hold your babies and be grateful for every moment of forever with them.

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