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10 Rock and Roll Music Cupcakes

When Drama Queen had her Rock and Roll birthday party, we did the "traditional" cupcake microphones.  They didn't turn out that great to be honest.  I'm not sure where I goofed, but maybe it was my pre-"I think I"m a great baker" phase.  (We all know I'm not, but I love to eat the goofs so I keep pretending.)

Now, I'm looking to see if there is something more unique to try.  These are some fun Music themed Cupcake ideas I found.

Musical Note Cupcakes by JDs Sugar Shack
 1. Musical Cupcakes by DJs Sugar Shack

Frosting Musical Note cupcake by Jennifer Bartle
2. Frosting Musical Note Cupcake by Jennifer Bartle.

High School Musical Cupcake by Nevie Pie Cakes
3. High School Musical Cupcake by Nevie Pie Cakes.

Microphone Music Cupcake by Baby Walkers
4. Microphone Music Cupcake by Baby Walkers.

Rock Fondant Cupcakes by Nanners W
5. Rock Cupcakes by Nanners W.

Microphone Cupcakes made from Ice Cream Cones by Rock Star Party Place
6. Microphone Cupcakes by Rock Star Party Place.

7. Headphone Rock Cupcakes by Sandra Salazar.

8. Sheet Music Cupcake Wrapper Freebie by The Sugar Turntable.

9. Music Note Cupcake Cake by Michelle Eiband.

10. Karaoke Microphone Cupcakes by What's New Cupcake.

What's your favorite style out of all these?  Or have you tried something different?  I'd love to see!

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