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Crayon Cake Push Pop Printable

I am a huge fan of the Push Pop cake craze.  I love everything about cake balls, but I don't have the decorating skill to be able to make cute cake balls to wow my party guests.  So the ease of putting together and decorating the cake push pops, really appeals to me.

So when I began to think about cupcakes for my Back to School party, I thought about the push pops that I had sitting in my closet.  Since I'm going with a school supply theme, I was inspired by Bakerella's Pencil Push Pop Cakes.  But I would rather be able to place the lid on the push pop and I just don't have the patience to go to all the work of dyeing all those different cake layers different colors.

So my laziness and love of a quick project led me to design these Crayon cake push pop printables.

I started by making a Funfetti cake and then using the push pops to fit circles of cake inside.  I found the easiest way to do this was to push the open end of the pop down into the cake and then push it down to the bottom with my finger.  Then, add a bit of frosting to the top and repeat.  I did this so there were 3 layers of cake/frosting, cake/frosting, and cake/frosting.  The top layers of frosting I then dipped into red, yellow, or blue sprinkles.

After putting the lid on the cake push pop, I printed out my crayon printable onto cardstock and cut them out.  It was then easy to wrap the printable around the base of the push pop making it look like a crayon.

Simple, easy, and quick.  My favorite type of project.

Here's the printable in case you want to try these for your Back to School party too!  And if you need some push pops to create them, you can purchase them HERE.


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