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Easy Cook Book Recipe Book

I hope your Independence Day holiday was a good one and you enjoyed way too much food and friends.  Did you get to try any of our Patriotic Party treats or the cookies or brownies that I shared this week?  I've been working hard to get all of these organized in my family Recipe book so that I'm a little more organized and ready to try new treats.

I started this family cookbook a few years ago.  I gathered all my mom's old recipes that I grew up loving.  Then I printed them out and copied them for each of my brothers and sisters.  I gave each of them a copy of this for Christmas.

But I admit, it wasn't a very organized.

So, my goal as I added new recipes was to get it in order.

I found these Clip-rite Clip tabs at Walmart in the office supply section.  I just love the pink and brown designs.  They had other styles if the Safari Collection isn't your favorite.

Since each of my recipes is in a page protector, I had to find something that would stick out and be visible.  Plus, these have the added benefit of being able to be written on both sides.

I sectioned out each of my recipes in areas that I would use.  I chose Breads, Brownies, Cookies, Dinner, Dessert, and Other.  As I go through my Pinterest boards and favorite blogs, I'm sure I'll add new recipes.  Now I can also add new sections. Each of the tabs are moveable, so I just taped them down until I am sure I have the sections just like I like them.

I finished by printing off all my favorite Pinterest, blog, and family recipes and gathering all my magazine recipes.  It was super easy to put everything into a page protector since I've been hunting Goodwill for them for a while.  And now I can find all these yummy looking recipes to give them a go.  If I decide I hate the recipe, I can just throw it out.  If I decide it's a winner, it's already ready to go!

How do you organize your favorite recipes?  

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