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Summer Watermelon BBQ Shopping

The family is all off at a Family Reunion this week.  The Perfectionist and I stayed home due to work.  It's been a little sad, lonely, and quiet being without the crowds at home.  I love that I still get arguments via text message, but Dear Hubby is doing his best to let me enjoy my "peace."

Mini Me's birthday is coming up very quickly and starting plans without him has really been interesting.  He has been through every party idea on the planet in the past year.  Most of them were only a few days long in the planning and I did have to Nix the Assassin theme.  (Not even sure where that one came from, but I just didn't think that would go over well with the other moms.)

He finally decided to go with a Watermelon BBQ picnic.  I think he would be thrilled with nothing but Watermelon served at his party, but fortunatly we won a Morning Star Farms Grilling party, so we plan to combine the two for a fun outdoor summer birthday party.

So I've been off searching the small businesses of Etsy to find some great party ideas for our summer watermelon party.

'Watermelon Picnic'

A party treasury to celebrate a sweet slice of summer birthday.

Watermelon Cake Pops

Dessert Tier

Six Vintage Watermelon Bowls...

Plate and Napkin Holder Set ...

Watermelon Yarn Wreath

Fresh Watermelon Machine App...

Watermelon HAPPy BiRTHDAY Ba...

50 Pink and Lime Green Water...

Summer Watermelon Glittersti...

Unique Watermelon Pitcher

Watermelon bowl with hand wi...

Julie's Fudge - WATERMEL...

Watermelon Pot Pinchers - Se...

Watermelon Sugar Cookies

12 Pink Black Green Watermel...

Watermelon Real Simple Mason...

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