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Watermelon Cupcake Wrapper Printable

Watermelon Cupcake Wrapper Printable by Kims Kandy Kreations
I got a call this week from my vacationing family that Dear Hubby had an accident and was in the Emergency Room.  It was a little scary and just plain WRONG to be so far away when my children were sobbing into the phone and hubby was being carted off in an ambulance.  We were fortunate in that it wasn't bad and they were visiting their grandparents so they weren't alone for long.

Thanks to this hiccup in our week, I've been a little on edge and stressed. Since I can't do anything for them right now and have to rely on family to take care of everything, I've been trying to keep busy here.  I've spent evenings cleaning the laundry room and hall closet (really, who does that?) and days keeping busy at the store with projects and plans.

Which ended up being a good thing since these cupcake wrappers took me several days to figure out how to make.  I guess I just haven't totally figured out GIMP yet and how to do certain things.  After making these, I'll be honest, I'm still not a hundred percent sure how I did it, but I got these Watermelon Cupcake wrappers done and they look pretty awesome, if I say so myself...and since I am...

Watermelon Cupcake Wrapper by Kims Kandy Kreations
The printable cupcake wrappers are made to look like a slice of watermelon with a green and white rind and a red seeded top.  The wrappers also have a slot and groove design so you can wrap them around your cupcake and slide the groove in to hold them...or if you're lazy, you can just cut the groove off and tape them together.  (With so many cupcakes planned, I will probably just end up doing that myself.)

Watermelon Cupcake with Chocolate Ant
On a few of the cupcakes I got a little crazy and tried to make a M&M ant crawling across the cupcake.  After all, what's a picnic or BBQ without a few ants?  And the only ants that I invite will be chocolate!

Chocolate candy ant on top of watermelon cupcake and wrapper
The ants were made with 2 brown peanut M&Ms placed close together on the top of the cupcake.  Then I added a dark chocolate M&M for the head. (The regular M&Ms were a different shade of brown...who knew?)  To make the legs, I piped some melted milk chocolate onto a piece of wax paper into little "L" shapes and let it harden.  Then I just laid them against the ant body for a chocolate ant treat.

Watermelon Cupcake Wrapper free printable for summer BBQ or summer picnic
Here is the Watermelon Cupcake wrapper free printable if you want to have a little summer fun at your BBQ or picnic.  I'll leave this here for a week or two and then transfer it to the store, so if you think you'll need it, be sure to grab it now by right click and saving to your computer.


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