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Summer Fun Watermelon Placemat Printable

I've had the idea for a Printable Dry Erase place mat for quite a while now but haven't really had the excuse to make one.  None of the parties I've done lately have had a sit down dinner and while our BBQ really isn't a sit down type of activity, I thought this dry erase place mat would be perfect to help keep the kids busy while we finished up the hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.

And the great thing is it's a SUPER quick and easy project.

Simply save and print out the graphic above by right clicking on it and hit "save".  Then go to wherever you saved it and double click on the picture.  It should bring it up in a separate window.  Click the "Print" button at the top and select your printer.  Be sure to change the paper size to "legal" and hit print.

Now you can either let the kids play with the place mats and some crayons, or you can laminate the place mat to make it dry erasable and reusable.

Either way it's a quick and easy way to keep the kids busy while you finish dinner.  
  I can't wait to try them out this week at Mini Me's birthday!  And soon, hopefully, I'll have a few more of these available for different themes.  Do you think you would use them?

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  1. These place mats are cute and a way to keep your child entertained at the table while you are fixing their plates. Thank you for sharing.