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Santa Express Train

Santa Express Train in Canon City Colorado

For years, one of my favorite books has been the The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.  We would read it every Christmas eve to the kids and even have six large bells on our Christmas tree that the kids get to hang and remember to believe each year.  So imagine my great joy when we moved to Colorado and found the Santa Express train right in our own backyard.

Lighted Train in Canon City
The Royal Gorge Route Railroad is a beautiful ride through the mountains of Colorado based out of Canon City.  During the holiday months, the train dresses up to become the Santa Express to take you and your children to the North Pole and back.

Santa Train Elf
When we first boarded the train, we were greeted by these wonderfully helpful train entertainers.  (Why, yes, that IS Drama Queen in her very first official job!)  They helped us find our seats and as we started, they brought us a dark, rich cup of Hot Chocolate and a soft, sweet Sugar Cookie to enjoy on our way to the North Pole.

Santa Train Sugar Cookie
On our way through the mountains, we enjoyed the treats.  We sang Christmas carols (sometimes at the top of our lungs), we listened to Christmas stories, wrote letters to Santa, and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

Santa Train Christmas Village
We finally arrived at the North Pole to see Santa and his elves at a fun, lighted Christmas village.  Santa boarded the train and made his way through the cars to visit with each of the children.  He visited with us and gave each of the kids a fun Christmas gift to take home with them.

Santa on the Santa Train Ride
We really had a good time on the Santa Express Train.  I highly recommend you take a trip and visit Canon City to bring a little extra holiday joy to your season!

This post was not sponsored or requested in any way.  I am a big fan of supporting local businesses and enjoyed our trip on the Santa Express Train, so I had to share!

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