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Easily Save Money at the Grocery Store

Why you should try the new Favado app and how to get the best shopping deals at the Grocery Store using it.
Easily Save Money at the Grocery Store by Kims Kandy Kreations

I have always been into couponing and trying to find the best deals.  I get such a good feeling when I know I've saved money and have a stocked pantry or a party on the cheap.  I feel like I can weather any storm that comes my way when I have the things my family needs at a good price.  While I wish I could be as good at saving money at the grocery store as those on the TLC Extreme Couponing show, after years of doing coupons, it really isn't possible to do what they do for tv.

I remember years ago when I was teaching a class on how to save money at the grocery store, there were several ladies that asked how to get the best deals when they didn't have time to search them all out and keep up on the sales and coupons needed.  At the time, there weren't a lot of ways to do this other than good online couponing sites and message boards.
 Favado Shopping App

But recently, I discovered a way to get all the best shopping deals without all the hassle.  I was so excited the first time I took the Favado app out shopping I wanted to share it with everyone at the store!  (I'm sure that wouldn't have been super weird.)  So I decided to share it with my friendly, neighborhood readers instead.

So now, I just have to tell you how amazing the new Favado app is!  And how wonderfully easy it is to use!  And how much I absolutely LOVE it!  (Can you tell how excited I am about this little app?)

Favado Shopping App how to get the best deals
All you need to do is go to the Favado website and sign up for the app.  After you download and sign in, you will need to select the grocery stores you want to search.  I live in a very small town so don't have that many stores to compare.  You can only compare up to five stores at a time, but you can have as many stores as you need in your que.

Once you have your stores set up, you can start checking the local shopping deals and Sales.  You can choose from the "Best" of all the sales in your selected grocery stores, your "Faves" (items that you want to keep an eye on), and "All" the sales in the stores.

Favado Shopping App where to find printable coupons
Once you've found an item that you need, you can click on the link to show you the details of the sale.  Favado will show you the item, the size, the store it's on sale at, the dates of the sale, the price or details of the sale, and if you're really lucky a pretty red paper clip.  The paper clip means that there are coupons you can use to help you get the best of this deal.

Favado Shopping App how to find printable coupons
If you click on the paper clip, Favado will show you any printable or clipable coupons you can use--with a link to print them out or where to find the coupon (whether it's from All You magazine, Smart Source, or wherever.)

You can click the blue "Add to List" button at the top and then email yourself the list when you're done.  It will send you the links so you can print the coupons as soon as you get near your printer.  Although to be honest, I just check where they are from and usually go to Swagbucks or My Points and use their coupon printer so I can get the extra reward points when I redeem the coupons.

Favado Shopping App how to get the best deals at the grocery store
When you are out grocery shopping and find yourself at a certain store, you can pull up your Shopping List on the app and it will sort the deals by store.  This way, you will never miss a great deal!

I can't tell you how much the Favado Shopping App has saved me in both time and money.  I love that I don't have to scour the deal websites to find stores in my area and with products I actually use.  I love that it helps me to know where to go to print out the coupons that I need to get the deal, and I love how it sorts them all by store so I don't miss any of the best shopping deals when I'm out and about.

Favado App
As the holidays are approaching and you find yourself needing to stock up for the BIG Christmas dinner, I hope you'll check out Favado.  We all can use a little extra help to make the dollars stretch this time of year.


  1. I will for sure be downloading that app! Thank you for stopping by and linking up!

  2. thanks for sharing the info I will have to check this out.

  3. I haven't heard of this app! I will definitely look into it. Thanks for sharing! Pinning so I won't forget :). Visiting from Diana Rambles.

  4. What a cool app! If I ever get a smart phone, this will be at the top of my list! I always need help remembering at the store what is on sale. Stopping by from Family Fridays link up! :)

    1. I wonder Steph if it would work on other app running items such as iPod and Tablets. I don't know if they have an android version either. I'm super curious. I don't know what I'd do without my technology to keep me organized.

  5. Wow, how useful! I just downloaded it through your link (hopefully you get some credit for that!) Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! I was going to share this amazing app either way, but the extra bonus help at Christmas time sure made it a real winner to share.

  6. It sounds like a winner. I always have to compare newspapers and try to remember the price. This sure would save time, and brain power. :-)

    1. I'm with you there. I am terrible at being organized these days with my coupons and remembering where I was going to get each sale. This has saved me so much time, energy, and money. I hope that it helps you too!

  7. THANK YOU so much for sharing! I really need to get better at this and I appreciate you sharing and your tips! Thanks for linking up to Sunday FUNday!