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A Journey of a Thousand Miles Printable with Shindig Saturday

Welcome back y'all.  (Ooops, is that my Texan showing?)  I hope your week was great.  I can't beleive the weather that some of you are getting, and it's only January.  I'm a little worried what February is going to be like.  Maybe we can hope for an early spring...(here's wishing!)

Did you get lots of projects accomplished this week?  Are you making progress on your New Years goals? Or did you give up on them already?

Suprisingly, I'm still moving forward on my Organizational goals.  I am working on cleaning out the kitchen this week and updating it.  Hopefully, I'll have a few crafty projects to share with you next week before I move on to Valentine's Day.

Thanks for those few that linked up with our Shindig Saturday last week.  I know we are starting small, but every journey starts with a single step right?

I was really impressed with the things that were shared.  I especially liked Sheryl's comments on Grow Bloom Inspire about Trashing Your "Negative Self-Talk".  That's something I really need to work on.  Why do women think it's okay to trash themselves with things that we would NEVER say to another person?  I am really working to keep my daughter from doing this, and I know I need to set the example by not doing it myself.

Let's see what you've been working this week!


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