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Finding Joy in the Crazy Printable and Shindig Saturday

As moms we have plenty of crazy moments.

Moments when we walk in to find our kids "helping" us by making breakfast.  Moments when we find little "Masterpieces" all over the walls.  Moments when we wonder why our lives aren't like the perfect "Cosby Show" reruns.

This mom thing is HARD!

Thursday night, I was able to go see a special VIP screening of the new show Moms Night Out (coming out May 9.)

The movie is a hilarous comedy about a group of moms who need a Moms Night Out.  They plan to go out to dinner and just enjoy a night away from the kids.  What could go wrong?

As you can imagine---EVERYTHING.

Not only was the movie a great night out, it had a wonderful message about finding the joy in our chaos.

At first the God centered message in the movie caught me a little by surprise, but I loved that it was a wholesome comedy that had a great message for moms.  It's not something you see coming out of Hollywood very often and it's really too bad.  

We certainly can use more movies that lift us up and make us feel good about our jobs as women and moms and remind us that God didn't make a mistake when He put us as the Moms to our kids.  He knew what He was doing.

And we can figure it out too.

Find out more about Moms Night Out by liking there facebook page here.  Definitely start planning now for a fun Moms Night Out on May 9th with your hubby or best sisters!

What did you do this week?  I can't wait to hear all about it

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