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Mustache Graduation Party Invitation

I know it seems like the whole world is into mustaches lately.  You see them almost every where and on everything.  Drama Queen has had this "thing" for mustaches since she was about six.  I don't know why or what it is, because no one I know had a mustache at the time, but she would make a mustache out of anything and everything.  She would give herself a hair mustache, a french fry mustache, or a milk mustache every chance she got.

So when it came time to think about what kind of theme we wanted for her Graduation party, we knew we needed to have a Mustache party.

Since Drama Queen has so many friends that she wanted to invite, we needed to find a way to order a lot of invitations for not a lot of money.

But have you noticed how anything graduation themed, is like extra super expensive?  I don't know why stores think they can charge extra for announcements or invitations just because they have a graduation theme.  So we decided to make our own Graduation Party invitations.

I started by designing up an announcement in my favorite Print Master program.  I used the blue and green party colors and added a few pictures from her senior photo shoot by Amber Bryson Photography.  (If you're in the Utah area, I definitely recommend her!  She did an amazing job with the pictures and my daughter LOVED the photo shoot.  She had so much fun.)

Once we had the perfect invitation, I saved the picture and exported it onto my phone.  I did this easily by emailing it to myself and then opening and saving it on my iPhone.

I have been a customer of Snapfish for many years now and have always been pleased with their services.  Right now, they have a promotion that if you download and shop from their snapfish mobile app, you can recieve 100 free prints once a month for an entire year.

We downloaded the app and uploaded the announcement.  Then, it came time to purchase.  I got 100 pictures for free and only had to pay $9.00 in shipping.  That ended up making the invitations only $0.09 each, and that was WAY cheaper than anywhere else so I was super happy.

Our biggest problem with the whole experience is how long the announcements took to get here.  They were shipped out relatively quickly via UPS, but then were transfered to the postal system with no updates on the tracking.  They ended up taking about two weeks to get here, which wasn't a problem for us, but if you are needing your pictures quickly, you may keep that in mind.

I am really happy with how the graduation party invitations turned out.  They were easy to make, easy to print, and now she's having a great time giving them out to any one and everyone she knows.

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