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Teacher Popcorn Printable for Teacher Appreciation Week

I wonder sometimes about gifts for teachers.  Do you think they end up with a ton of apple products that just clutter up their home or desk?  Do they have a big garage sale at the end of the year with all the crazy gifts they got from students?

When I'm thinking about giving gifts to teachers, I try and find a useful gift that they can actually use or eat and enjoy.  Gift cards are great, but when you need to come up with gifts for each day of Teacher Appreciation week for fifteen different teachers, sometimes cheap, easy, and yummy works.
Today I came up with an easy popcorn printable to give to your teacher this week.  It's designed to wrap around an individual size microwave popcorn packet.  This way, you can give a bunch of them for a great price.
Teacher Popcorn Printable for Teacher Appreciation Week

Simply print out the Teacher Popcorn printable and cut around the edges.  Now wrap the poem around the popcorn with the "Thank You" portion over the blank edge.

Make as many as you need for all of the teachers in your life and let your kids hand out to all the different teachers that keep them educated and having fun at school each day.

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