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Teacher Appreciation Candy Gram Gift

Sometimes there is that "one" teacher that has really touched your child's life through the year.

Maybe it's the one that gave your son the "talk" about being a man and turning in your homework on time.  Maybe it's the one that let your daughter come into her classroom for a good cry in the middle of lunch so know one would see.  Maybe its the one who changed the spelling system so your son could work with his math strengths and gain some confidence in his spelling ability.  Or maybe it's the one who made your son excited to go to school again after months of fights every morning.

There's always at least one who has gone out of his or her way to make school a better place for your child.  For that teacher a small Popcorn Teacher Gift might not do it, you might want a little something "more."

Teacher Appreciation Candy Gram Gift by Kandy Kreations. A sweet present for that SPECIAL teacher in your child's life!

For those teachers in my life, I made a Teacher Appreciation Candy Gram gift.
This gift has a bunch of yummy treats inside a clear acrylic container with a sweet poem on the outside.  I found the acrylic containers at Walmart near the glassware.  There were 2 sizes.  I bought the smaller one and found it fit the candy perfectly.

Start with purchasing a bunch of candy bars as needed for the poem you want.  I have two different options at the end of the post.

Candy needed for a Teacher Candy Gram

The first one will need: Skor bar, Snickers bar, Mounds bar, Almond Joy bar, Pop Rocks, Gummy Bears, Jolly Ranchers, Smarties, Mints, Nerds and M&Ms.

The second option will need: Sweet Tarts, 100 Grand bar, Airheads, Milk Way bar, Rolos, Snicker bars, Baby Ruth bar, Smarties, Mints, Take 5 bar, Carefree gum, Hugs, and Kisses.

Teacher Candy Gram Thank You Poem

Print off the candy gram poems.  I taped mine to the lid of the jar.  It's 4 1/4 by 4 1/4 inches.  This way, the teacher can remove the poem and use the jar for candy, pens, school staples, or anything else that works for him or her.

Fill the jar with the candy.  I found the bars fit really nice around the outside of the jar so that the little mints and smarties could sit in the middle.
Teacher Candy Gram Thank you Poem Printable for Teacher Gift

Now you have a sweet gift for that special teacher in your child's life!

Printable background graphics courtesy of  Wiimsy Primsy via

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