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10 Superhero Party Games

Keeping little (or even big) super heros busy at a super party can seem like a super effort at times.  So to help you out, here's 10 Superhero Party Games you can use at your Super Hero party.

Strike out the Villians Bowling Superhero game

Leaping Over Buildings in a Single Bound Superhero Game

Vaporize the Villian with Silly String Superhero Game

Pin the Mask on the Superhero Game
4. Pin the Mask on the Superhero Game

Save Batman from Mr Freeze Ice Block Superhero party Game

Capture the Villian Superhero Party Game

Superhero Obstacle Course

Superhero Treasure Hunt

Magnificent Minds Super Guessing Game

Hawkeye Hot Shot Shooting Game
10. Hawkeye Hot Shot Shooting Game

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