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Superhero Rules Printable and Dare to Share Linky

This has been a LONG week.  Dear Hubby was out of town on training and the kids are out of school which means they are already bored and on everyone's last nerve.  I've been struggling with some serious headaches and dizzy spells so I've been pretty out of it and not much good for reffing fights and entertaining little brats.

In my few good moments, we did manage to do a few fun things around town.  I've been trying to blog about them over on my other blog Finding Joy Around Us.  I'm trying to find the hidden gems in our little town so that those new to the area will be able to find the fun things to do and the places that make our town a little something extra special.

I'm also working on planning my Fathers Day superhero party and have added a Young Women's superhero party for the girls I'm in charge of at church each week.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  

I took our Young Women values and each of the value colors and made a Superhero Rules subway art printable.  I plan to blow it up to poster size and use it as a decoration at our Superhero Beehive Party next week.  I may even make bookmarks out of it to give the girls as party favors, we'll see how ambitious I get next week.

I did manage to spend a few moments working on my Superhero table runner.  I am LOVING how it's turning out!  I love it so much, I decided to make four of the squares into superhero plastic canvas coasters.  I shared the patterns this week so you can try them to if you want.

If you are a newsletter subscriber, you should have received the pattern to make these fun Summer Sun gum heads as our June free printable.  I love how fun and unique these gum heads are and how they bring a smile to each recipient's face when I had them out.


If you are interested in getting the file, you need to sign up for our Newsletter anytime this month.  Come July 1st, the file will be moved to our online store and we'll send you a new exclusively free printable.

My co-host for Dare to Share, Pam from Pam's Party and Practical Tips is making fun plans to enjoy her summer with her Summer Fun Challenge.  Maybe I need to give this a go so my kids aren't arguing and fighting all summer.  This will be the last few weeks that Drama Queen spends with us before heading off to Texas this fall, so we need to make them count.  I need to check out some of Pam's challenge activities to see if we can do them nearby!


What have you been up to this week?  I can't wait to see!

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