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Craftsy Summer Clearance Sale and Dare to Share

Why is there always so much to do when you get back home from vacation? I feel like I've been doing laundry, cleaning house, and trying to get reorganized for days now.  So not fun.

But, at least I am finally home again and I just got my new computer up and running yesterday after the big crash.  Now I have to repurchase and download all the programs again.  Why can't anyone figure out a way to transfer programs when you purchase a new computer?  UGH! Just one more thing to try and get organized again.

We did have a little bit of fun this week with Mini Me's tenth birthday.  I love that he still finds the little things so wonderful and kissing girls so "gross".  With his brothers into girls already, I love that I don't have to worry about him yet.  I just wish he'd stay little a little bit longer.

Thanks to our vacation return, we didn't have a big party for him.  We just had family and a few friends enjoying dinner, Tie Dye cupcakes, and swimming together.  It was nice to just take a few minutes and celebrate him.

I admit that I can't wait to get back to crafting this week.  But after a summer of trying to keep the kids busy, I need to do some craft supply restocking first.  Are you finding that's the case for you too?

 Craftsy Summer Clearance Sale

If so, it's a good thing that the Craftsy's Summer Supplies Clearance is happening NOW.

Shop and enjoy up to 75% off yarn, fabric and project kits before they sell out. Take advantage of some of the biggest savings of the year! Hurry, offer expires Monday, July 28 at Midnight (Mountain Time). 

I know I need to go get some yarn for my Christmas projects this year.  I can't beleive Christmas is right around the corner already and I need to get busy.  Maybe I need to get over to Craftsy and find some fun Christmas crafts to make this year.

Have you started Christmas projects yet?  What are you working on now?  I can't wait to see!


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