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Feasting on the Scriptures Young Women Activity

Are you looking for a way to teach the young women in your church group about feasting on the scriptures?  Here's an easy and fun lesson for your weeknight church young women activity to help the girls learn the importance of regular, in depth scripture study.

Feasting on the Scriptures Young Women Activity

I have been put in charge of the young women in our church youth group.  That means I get to plan and prepare the weeknight young women activity each week.  Since our girls love to have any excuse to party and eat, I decided to have a lesson on feasting on the scriptures.

I found the base of this lesson on this Activities Day PJ party activity.  I tweaked it a little to suit my girls and my unruly personality when in front of the group.  The girls ended up having a good time, laughing and talking, and hopefully learning in a way that was fun.

I started by talking about the importance of breakfast.  Why it was the "most important meal of the day" and why we needed to eat each morning to help us get through the day.  We discussed what the girls at for breakfast and how they all ate different things, but how it helped them to get the energy they needed to face the day.

We then spent quite a while discussing the difference between feasting, snacking, nibbling, and looking at the menu.  There was a lot of talk about the differences, but we narrowed it down to the fact that feasting was an enjoyable activity that we took our time doing and loved, while snacking was done in a haphazard way, usually while we were doing other things and not paying attention to the fact that we were eating.  We compared it between Thanksgiving dinner and snacking after school.

Feasting on the Scriptures Young Women Activity

Then I showed the girls two Reese's peanut butter cups that I had sitting on the table.  I showed them how yummy they looked.  The girls were drooling over them and pretty upset when I just shoved the first one in my mouth and tried to eat it as fast as I could. (I do say tried, because that was a lot harder than it should have been.)

When I was done eating it, I asked them if they thought I had enjoyed it.  Why did they think I didn't?  We concentrated on how fast I blew through it and how I didn't really get to savor it.  Then I ate the other Reese's more slowly.  I licked my fingers and enjoyed every bite very theatrically.  Then I asked if they thought I enjoyed that more? 

Feasting on the Scriptures Young Women Activity

I compared my Reese's to the scriptures.  I asked how many of them had quickly read their scriptures this week to get the page or chapter done so they could go to sleep or do other things on their list. 

Then I asked the young women to pretend that they were going to die tomorrow.  I told them they could write a message to those they loved.  I asked what they would say.  While they were answering, I talked about the different things they said, such as giving instructions about their burial, saying goodbye to loved ones, and giving advice for things that were going to happen in the future.

As they told me their answers, I wrote them down on a piece of paper.  When each girl had told me what she wanted to say, I proceeded to rip the paper in half and tear up the bottom half and throw it on the ground.  I walked over and put the other half on the bookcase with other books and just left it there.  

The girls were pretty upset that I had treated their words so carelessly.

Then I asked them if they had done that to the words of the prophets in the scriptures.  How many of them had gone home from church on Sunday and put their scriptures on their book case and forgotten about them?  It was cool to see the realization click for the girls that what I had done to their words was what they were doing to the scriptures.  (It was probably the coolest part of the night for me.)

I then told them the scriptures had the words of the prophets who loved them.  The prophets were giving them advice on how to solve the problems of the last days.  We had to open the scriptures and read the advice.

Then I shared the Spiritual Directory Assistance print and told them I had a "cheat sheet" to help them through these problems.  I asked if any of them had ever felt disappointed in a friend?  Had any of them ever felt like they weren't loved?  Or had they ever felt overwhelmed by the problems in their life?

The scriptures had the cheat sheet to solve these problems, we just needed to open them up and savor the words to get the most out of them.

I challenged them to go home and read the scriptures this week while focusing on feasting on the scriptures.  I told them if they did this, they would enjoy them more and it would help them in their lives.  Plus, it would help them to check off "Choice and Accountability Value Experience 1" in their Personal Progress.

Yogurt Bar Dessert Table

Then, since we had spent all the team talking about feasting on the scriptures, we needed to feast on some food.  So we enjoyed a Yogurt bar.

For the yogurt bar, I purchased some plain yogurt and filled the table with different toppings for them to add to the dessert.  I had strawberries, bananas, raspberries, sprinkles, Reese's pieces, nuts, and honey.

We had a good time while learning a lot about their girls (and their wishes for their funerals.)  I think they had an "Aha" moment or two in their, but we'll see if any of them actually follow through this week.

In case you want to try and complete this Feasting on the Scriptures Young Women Activity with your girls, here's my outline and the "cheat sheet" printable that I used.

Feasting on the Scriptures Young Women Activity

Feasting on the Scriptures Young Women Activity Lesson
  • What does breakfast mean?
    • Break the Fast
  • Why is it important to nourish our bodies daily?
    • 2 Nephi 31:20  (feasted)
    • Moroni 6:4  (nourished)
  • What is the difference between
    • feasting
    • snacking
    • nibbling
    • looking at the menu
  • Object Lesson:  
    • Have two candies sitting on a nice plate on the table.  See how good they look?
      • Shove one candy in mouth and swallow as fast as can
      • Did I enjoy that?
      • Why?
    • East the second candy more slowly, savoring it, licking fingers
      • Did I enjoy that?
      • Which way did I enjoy most?
  • Do we quickly get our scripture reading done, or do we savor it?
  • Object Lesson:
    • Pretend you knew you were going to die tomorrow and wanted to leave a message for your family.
      • What would you say?
      • Write down.
      • When done, tear up paper, put on the bookcase and walk away, use as paperweight
    • The prophets have important things we need to know to survive the problems of the last days on Earth.
      • We need to feast on the scriptures to know our purpose and how to get through the problems.
      • We have a Cheat Sheet in the scriptures
  • Spiritual Directory Assistance Print
    • Have you ever felt disappointed in a friend?
    • Have you ever felt overwhelmed?
    • Have you ever felt unloved?
      • There is a cheat for that the scriptures.
      • We need to feast upon the scriptures to help with problems
  • Choice and Accountability Goal 1
    • Read scriptures daily
  • Feasted on scriptures, now we can feast on food
    • Yogurt bar

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