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Why Blogging is like a Cocktail Party

I sometimes feel like blogging is like a Cocktail party.  We all get "dressed up" and stand around talking about what we've been up to, laughing about our problems, and discussing our children before moving on to chat with the next blogger.

Now I admit, there's nothing wrong with that.  I just stink at it.

Why Blogging is like a cocktail party
I don't know if there is a "small talk"or a "lets talk about me" gene that I missed, but I definitely don't have it. So when my friend Pam from Pam's Party and Practical Tips asked me to be part of the "Tour of Blog Land," I admit I started to panic.  It's the same panic that hits when I'm asked to go to a Cocktail party where I have to sit and chat for hours.  It's bad.

Let me talk about my projects or what I create, and I can do with only a little problem.  But ask me to talk about me, and I freeze up.  So please bear with me as I try to introduce myself and not sound like complete imbecile today.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Dessert Table

I started my blog back in 2010.  I had never read a blog before, nor really heard of them, but my friends all started one and wanted me to create one so we could stay connected.  So of course, I started a blog.  (Yea, but don't worry, I wouldn't jump off a bridge if all my friends were doing it...I'm afraid of heights.)

It wasn't until I threw an Alice in Wonderland birthday party for a dear friend's daughter, that my blog really changed from a family journal to a DIY party blog.  I had grown up in the "LDS party world" since my mother was the Ward Activity chairman in every ward we've ever been in and was involved in all the wedding receptions of anyone she'd ever me, because she was so awesome.  But it wasn't until that wonderland party that it all came together for me.

I love being able to share my parties, my printables, and my DIYs on my blog.  Between here and my online store, I've been able to be home with my kids and be the "cool" mom who has all the fun treats and activities at our house.
Candy Bar Wrappers Club

What am I working On?

Like most crafters, I usually have several projects going through my head at a time.

I have a Candy Bar Membership Club that I have been creating candy bar wrappers for each week.  I've found that I'm having a lot of fun creating different themes and ideas that can be used as gifts, cards, or little notes for family and friends.  It's become a fun little project that allows me to get out some of the quick quotes and ideas that spin through my head late at night.

I have also come down with Football Fever pretty bad right now.  My oldest son is playing High School football, so I've been having fun decorating the house and planning a big team party for next month.  I've been planning the food menu, the decor, and have a few dessert ideas brewing, so don't be surprised if you see more football projects in the next few days.

Santa Claus Printable Cake Party Favor

How Does My Work Differ From Others in my Genre?

I know there are a lot of party blogs out there.  I read a lot of blogs that have so many great pictures and ideas.  I am in complete envy and awe of some of them.

But I'm a mom.

I have a mom budget when I throw a party.  I have to account for kids' tastes when I feed the guests at my party.  And I live in a little town with no stores, so I need to figure out how to make as much as I can all by myself.

That's what makes me different.  When you see one of my completed parties, you can go through my blog and find out exactly how to make the Alice in Wonderland Flamingo Croquet, the Elf on the Shelf kisses treat, and the 50s Sock Hop Candy Bouquet.  It's all there so you can figure out how to make the desserts, decorations, and games too.

How I Brainstorm My Party ideas

How Does the Writing/Creative Process Work?

Hey, if someone figures that out, please let me know.  I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

I do read a lot of blogs, I look at a lot of magazines, and I try to sleep a lot.  (I know. Kinda weird, but it works for me.)  I don't know why, but if I need to brainstorm party ideas or write a poem, I go into my bedroom where it's quiet, lay on my bed, and close my eyes.  Within moments, the ideas start flowing.

I just have to remember to keep a notebook by the bed at all times.  And I admit, I really don't sleep a whole lot.  Another lovely gift from my mom.

Chocolate Turkey Caramel Apple

Why  Do I Create What I Do?

Some days, I ask myself the same question.  I even try to stop occasionally, but am always drawn back.  Crafting is in my blood.  Throwing parties and making people happy was ingrained in me as a child.

When I lay down at night and close my ideas, the poems for candy toppers crowd through my head.  The ideas for DIY projects replace sleep.  And this blog helps me to create and sleep (occasionally) at night.

While I may not be the best hostess at the cocktail party, I can plan, organize, and throw a party that you would be happy to attend.  Just don't try and talk to me at the party. I'll probably be in the corner watching the dessert table until its all over and time to clean up.

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