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How to Make your own Tile Magnets in 10 minutes or Less

How to make easy and quick Tile magnets out of your favorite Instagram pictures or quotes.  With just a few items and a short amount of time, you'll have unique Christmas gifts that everyone will love.

Make your own magnets out of your favorite #instagram or quotes in 10 minutes! An easy tutorial on DIY Tile magnets by Kandy Kreations

I love to collect quotes.

There are so many good ones out there that can lift, inspire, and help on a rotten day.  There are so many that can make me laugh outright when I need a smile.  There are so many that are profound and make me think about things other than my own problems.

I've been collecting them for years and decided to make a few into lunchbox and backpack notes for my husband and kids as they went back to school.  Do you remember that free printable I shared?

I decided to turn them into Tile Magnets to lift me up when I'm feeling down.  They are pretty easy in case you want to use them with the Free encouragement quote printable I shared, or you can use them with your favorite quotes from your Quote pinterest board, or even with your Instagram pictures. I can't wait to give those a try!

How to make your own tile magnets in 10 minutes or less. Easy instructions and tools to turn your quotes or instagram pictures into great magnets for your home.

To make these, you'll need your printable with the quotes or pictures each being 2 inches square.  You'll also need countertop tiles in 2 inch size (I found mine at the local Restore but you can get them at Home Depot or Lowes in the flooring department.)  You'll also need scissors and button magnets (not shown.)

How to cut tile to make tile magnets
The tiles come in sheets of 2 inch squares with little "rubber" type connectors spacing them out.

How to cut tile to make tile magnets
You will want to bend the squares and cut along the edge of the tile with your scissors to cut the connectors off the tiles.

Loving my paper cutter for making smooth easy cuts
Next, you'll need to cut out the individual pictures for your tiles. I recommend a Fiskars Paper Trimmerbecause it makes for easy, clean cuts.  (This is one of my favorite tools of all time!)

Once your pictures are cut out, I'm going to give you the instructions on doing these tiles two different ways, depending upon the tools you have on hand.

Make your own stickers using a Xyron sticker maker

I HIGHLY recommend getting a Xyron Sticker Maker. I use mine for so many projects and I have one in several sizes because they are another one of my favorite crafting tools.

If you have a sticker maker, you can simple run your picture squares through the tool using the Xyron Laminate/Permanent Adhesive Cartridge.  Then cut out the stickers using your scissors and place on the front of the tiles.

If you don't have a sticker maker machine (sad face), you'll need some Modge Podge.  I admit, I make my own version, since it's so easy and so very much cheaper.

How to make your own Modge Podge glue

To make your own version of modge podge, pour a bottom of white school glue into a small mason jar.  Refill the glue bottle with an equal amount of water.  Pour into the jar.  Add the lid securely to the mason jar and give a really good shake until the glue and water are mixed.  There!  You're done!

Modge Podge on your picture to make an easy tile magnet for your home
Now paint the front of your tile using your glue.  Just give it a light covering, you don't need it too wet.

Modge Podge on your picture to make an easy tile magnet for your home

Place your picture on the top of the tile.  Seal it with another layer of your glue on top.  The edges may curl a little, that's okay.  Just use your finger to run along the edges to secure them down.  Now let the glue dry securely.

Adhesive Magnet Buttons

Once you have your sticker on or your glue is dry, add your magnetic button to the center of the back of the tile.  I usually use these magnets, but when I went to Walmart, they had these adhesive magnetic buttons and I thought I'd give them a try.  They worked really good and I didn't need to use my E6000 glue, which is always nice.

DIY Tile Magnets in less than ten minutes

 Now you're done and can use your magnets to brighten your day while they are holding up the huge list of things you need to do today.

Make your own DIY Tile Magnets in just a few minutes. You can use your favorite quote or instagram pictures for personalized magents for your home.
I just LOVE how these turned out, and I know I'm going to make some with pictures from my Instagram account.  What about you?  What kind of pictures would you put on these easy DIY Tile magnets?

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