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Serious Computer Rage and Dare to Share

This will probably be a short post tonight.  I'm a little frustrated with my computer and am considering throwing it across the room right now.

So instead, that probably means, I just need to take a night off and deal with it tomorrow when I'm a little calmer and not ready to have some serious computer rage.

I downloaded a computer program tonight to try and help me with a new project that I have in my head for the blog.  After doing so, my computer is having connectivity issues.  It will connect to one page and then tell me that I'm not connected to the Internet when I click on the next page.

I have been through all of the settings.  I've deleted anything that remotely looks suspicious.  I've run my virus software.  I've reset my computer.  I've reset my modem.  I'm at my wits end.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?  I may have to lock myself into a torture rack and actually call my father in law for help tomorrow if I can't figure it please, someone have an idea!

In the meantime, did you check out some of our other fun posts this week?

I made these quick and easy DIY tile magnets.  I put my favorite quotes on them, but wouldn't they be so much fun with Instagram pictures?  I am definitely going to go get some more tiles this weekend and make some with my favorite pictures.  What a fun Christmas gift that would be for my parents' or Dear Hubby's office at work!

There were so many great features at last week's Dare to Share party that I shared some on Thursday's post.  Did you see if you were one of the great posts featured?  I pinned them all to my Pinterest boards which gets a lot of views and visits, plus I shared them on some of my social media channels.  I hope that all my online friends will see your wonderful posts, so keep linking them up and Pam and I will keep sharing them.

And did you see my co-host Pam's new blog update? It's so pretty that I'm swooning over the improvements.  You need to go check it out.  I think it just shows that we Blogger blogs can compete with the crazy wordpress blogs in the beauty category!  

What have you been up to this week?  I can't wait to see!  (And if someone can save me from having to call my Father in Law, I would be ETERNALLY grateful! grin.)

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