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Strawberry-Banana Jello Salad Recipe

This simple, but yummy jello salad is filled with light flavors and fruit. It makes a great addition to your dinner table or your dessert table.

This simple, but yummy jello salad is filled with light flavors and fruit. It makes a great addition to your dinner table or your dessert table.

I'm always amazed to hear from people who don't like to be with their extended family.  It completely catches me by surprise, since I love to be with my brothers and sisters and we get together every chance we can.  With 9 of us, plus spouses, plus children, it's quite a crazy gathering.  There are certain things we like to do every time we are all together, and a big gathering around the table is one of our favorites.
Depending upon the reason we are together, we could be having turkey, or ham, or even just "Dad's Enchiladas"  (I've never figured out how he makes them so much better than I do.)  Yet there is always one recipe that makes it to all of our get-togethers no matter what we are eating; it's almost as much of a tradition as us all being together every year.  For we all LOVE our Strawberry-Banana Jello Salad.

It's a quick, easy salad recipe that brings an almost dessert taste to the dinner table.  Today I'm sharing the secret with you.  Maybe it will become a favorite for your family too.

Start with 2 cans of Very Cherry Mixed Fruit Cocktail, 1 large container of Cottage Cheese, 1 large container of whipped topping, and a small box of Strawberry Banana gelatin.

Drain your fruit cocktail and set it aside.  Be sure Whipped Topping is not frozen since it will make it hard to mix the salad together.  Add the remaining ingredients to a large bowl and mix. (Mini Me loves to do this since its a "good workout" to mix the cool whip together.)

Add the fruit cocktail to the mixture.  We also like to add cut banana or strawberry slices to the mix if we're feeling very "fancy."  I don't recommend adding the bananas if you are going to have left overs because the bananas don't last too well in left overs, but it is SUPER delicious the first time around!

Once your salad is completely mixed well, set it in the refrigerator to set for an hour or two.  Refrigerate until ready to serve and any leftovers.


  1. It sounds like something my kids might enjoy but I think I would have to use a fruit cocktail that did not contain pineapple though. (We have allergy issues in this house.) Thank you for sharing.

  2. it looks good, it's a bit different but I'm sure very delicious :-)

  3. That sounds great! I only have 3 sisters, but when we get together, there are 15 grandchildren, so we still have a great loud time together! Thanks for linking up with the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board!

  4. This sounds delicious and the perfect drink on Christmas Eve! Thanks so much for sharing at our Mommy Club Resources and Solution Linky Party!