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Easily and Reliably Increase Your Pinterest Followers

Increase your Pinterest followers daily with this easily and reliable trick. Here's a step by step guide how I'm doing it and you can too!

Increase your Pinterest followers daily with this easily and reliable trick. Here's a step by step guide how I'm doing it and you can too!

We all know that Pinterest has risen to the top as far as a DIY Bloggers best friend.

It sends so much traffic that it's almost scary sometimes to think about.

While I don't recommend putting all your eggs in one basket as far as your traffic marketing goes, taking advanatage of a good thing while it's good is smart thinking.

So how do you make Pinterest work for you?

You know all the answers...make pretty images, make it easy to pin from your site, give good descriptions, and share.

Since I've started trying to implement one new blogging tip each week, I started focusing on increasing the number of followers to my Pinterest account and how many people see my favorite pins.

While doing that, I have managed to double how many followers I've been getting on a normal week.  So while I'm not up to 400+ new followers a week (still not sure how that ones possible), I'm increasing my reach and my Pinterest followers reliably easily.

If you want to do that too, start by finding some of the big influencers in your niche.  You can do this by searching google for keywords or by finding some of your favorite bloggers.

Visit the influencer's Pinterest page.  Find who they are following by clicking "following" in the right side of their profile and then click on "pinners".  This will bring up every person they see in their Pinterest feed.

You really need to set your timer here, or you could be at this all day.

But go in to each of the people being followed and check out their boards.  With some people, you may only find one or two boards worth following, with others, you will want to follow their whole account.

Follow those boards that interest you, that you feel will relate to your brand, and those that can help inspire you and your own followers.

While you are working through the list, you'll occasionally come across an account that looks like someone you may want to follow more, get to know, check out their blog, or whatever...

DON'T GO VISIT NOW.  Stay on task.  You'll be glad.

Instead, create a list of people you want to check out.  When your time is up with the Pinterest follow task, then you can check them out.  Of choose one new person a day to check out...but do it later.

Before you know it, you're following some great Pinterest pinners and Pinterest boards.  Shoot for following about 10-25 new boards and pinners a day.  These pinners will see that you followed and in my experience, a lot of them, will come check you out and follow back.

These follows will fill your feed with useful content that you can share on your other social media, connect you with great influencers in your niche, and make your boards THE place to go for useful content to your community.

If you want to see how I'm doing on this project, check out my Pinterest boards here:

Visit Kandy Kreations's profile on Pinterest.

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