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Summer Travel Bingo Game Printable

Keep the kids busy on your summer vacation road trip with this bingo game printable.  10 game card printables will create hours of summer fun.

It's summer...time for vacations, road trips, and "are we there yets?"

After having spent 12 hours in the car this past week, I have been thinking about ways to keep the kids busy during summer travel.  I shared one of the travel game printables that we played earlier in the week, and now I'm sharing this summer travel bingo game printable.

The game is as simple as it seems.

There are 10 cards in this set so you can play with everyone in the car.

Instead of having bingo tabs, your kids need to look out the windows and call out when they see something for everyone.

So if they see a cow along the road, simply yell out cow and everyone who has that on their card can mark it off.  But they can't mark off the piece even if they see it, if they haven't called it out.

Just make sure you swing by the dollar store before playing this game so you have lots of coloring books, treats, and little games as prizes!

Get the whole summer travel bingo printable here.  And don't forget to check out the Summer Travel Game printable from earlier this week.

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