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Super Dad Plate Insert Printable for Father's Day

Take one set of dishes and use them in so many ways to decorate your party table. This Super Dad printable is perfect for a Father's Day dinner that dad will love.

I found these great plates at Walmart this weekend.  They are clear and so very versatile.  I have some great ideas for these plates, starting with a fun Father's day printable to turn them into Super Dad plates for our Father's Day dinner.

The plate inserts are great, because they are only 4 inches in diameter.  So it doesn't cost a lot of ink to create them and you can use them for almost any occasion.

Simply print out the Super Dad plate insert and tape or glue it to the bottom of your clear plate.  This gives you a great design that can cheaply coordinate with any them but won't get destroyed while you are eating dinner (since it's on the underside of the plate.)

I started with this great Super Dad printable for Father's day, but don't be surprised if you see a lot of other designs using one set of plates at a thousand different parties!

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