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Superhero Favor Box Printables

Give your party a little extra power with these free Superhero favor box printables.  These two inch square boxes are available in Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, and Batman.

I don't know why, but I seem to be in a Superhero mood these days.  I have been playing with all sorts of ideas from Bingo to Favors to Treats to Printables.

Plus, with Father's day one week away, I just keep playing with the Super Dad theme.

While working tonight, I started playing with some favor box printables and decided to share them in case anyone else has a case of the Superhero bug right now.

I made four party favor box printables for you.  There's a Superman favor box printable, a Spiderman favor box printable, a Captain America favor box printable, and a Batman favor box printable.

Simply download your favorite box and print onto card stock.  Cut out around the solid edges and fold along the dotted edges.  Form into a box and glue the end closed to create a box.  Fold the flaps in and then fill with your favorite treats!

Enjoy your favor box printables for Father's Day or for a Superhero birthday.  Be sure to pin these to your favorite pin board and tag a friend to share.

You can download them separately for your favorite superhero or get all 4 in a zip file here.

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