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50 Fun Date Ideas to Romance Your Spouse

Keep the Romance alive in your marriage with these 50 fun date night ideas.  Spending quality time together will help you to be more than just roommates and be friends, lovers, and partners.
Keep the Romance alive in your marriage with these 50 fun date night ideas.  Spending quality time together will help you to be more than just roommates and be friends, lovers, and partners.
I'm preparing a lesson this week for our Women's church group.  It's on Marriage and I wanted to come up with some fun ideas to help keep the romance alive. 

We all know how hard that is after several years of marriage.  We fall into a rut and it's easy to become roommates rather than partners and lovers.

So keep the romance alive in your marriage by trying these fun date night ideas.
  1. Dress up a meal at your favorite fast food restaurant.   Use a tablecloth, centerpiece, and your favorite music to enjoy your food.
  2. Buy a half gallon of your favorite ice cream, go to your favorite park, throw a blanket on the ground, and eat the whole thing together.
  3. Attend a free outdoor concert
  4. Walk hand in hand along a nature trail and have a scavenger hunt.
  5. Watch  a sunset together.
  6. Rent your favorite movies and have a double feature snuggled together on the couch.
  7. Go on a Window Shopping date to your spouse's favorite store.  Note what he/she looks at under $20 and buys a few items over the next few weeks to surprise her or him.
  8. Give each other a couple's massage.
  9. Make homemade taffy together.
  10. Make a homemade movie recreating your first date or how you met.
  11. Star Gaze at a local planetarium.
  12. Have a water fight with water guns or balloons.
  13. Take a music class together and learn to play an instrument.
  14. Take a dance class together
  15. Go to a mystery dinner theater and figure out who did it.
  16. Be a tourist in your own town.  Eat at a place you've never eaten at before. Take a horse drawn carriage ride. Take pictures together in front of the local museum or park statues.
  17. Serve together at a local food bank or other worthy cause.
  18. Go camping in your backyard with marshmallows camp songs, and ghost stories.
  19. Go to a penny arcade and challenge each other to different games.
  20. Go to a local fruit picking farm and then make pie or cider with your proceeds.
  21. Go to a drive in movie and make a bed in the back of a truck or car to snuggle together on.
  22. Have a movie night complete with themed meals and decorations.
  23. Go tubing in the river.
  24. Make and fly kites together.
  25. Get lost in a corn maze together
  26. Pack up watercolors and an easel and visit your favorite park or nature preserve. Sit side by side and draw.
  27.  Each person gets $5 at the grocery store to buy any food item .  Come home and prepare a crazy meal with whatever you purchased.
  28. Have a progressive dinner at local restaurants. Go to a different restaurant for each stage of the meal. 
  29. Rent a tandem bike and ride around together.
  30. Go bowling but come up with crazy ways to bowl.  Like blindfolded, backwards, granny style.
  31. Play a game of HORSE at the local basketball court.
  32. Have a fire and make S'mores.
  33. Bake cookies together and deliver them to all your friends or neighbors.
  34. Go to a high school football game, tailgate in the parking lot and cheer the local team
  35. People watch at a local mall.
  36. Go to the library or bookstore and find the craziest non fiction book you can.  Read to each other.
  37. Make a list of unique and fun items.  Visit local garage sales to scavenger hunt for them.
  38. Grab some friends and play a game of Couples Minute to Win It games.
  39. Play a game of Would You Rather?
  40. Challenge each other to fun games on the Wii Game system or other games.
  41. Karaoke together
  42. Recreate your first date
  43. Play a romantic game of Truth or Dare
  44. Dress up in your fancy clothes and go out to dinner.
  45. Take a Hot Air Balloon ride
  46. Get out of town and go somewhere you've never been before.
  47. Rent a convertible and go for a drive
  48. Take a exercise class together
  49. Create a bucket list and do at least one thing on it
  50. Have a chocolate tasting night.

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