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3 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas and Dare to Share Saturday

Hey guys!  It's Friday again.

I don't know about you guys, but it's been a LOOOOOOONG week this week.  I don't know if it's the sugar high the kids have been on or what, but this week took forever to get through.

I'm not sure the weekend will be much better around here though.  My inlaws are coming this weekend which means extra cleaning to get ready and yelling to get the boys to clean up their rooms.  Which means extra laundry for me.  (Why does cleaning there rooms equal days of laundry for me?  I've started "collecting" those clothes that are still folded and never worn into a pile that I'm NOT returning. We'll see if they even notice.  So far they haven't.)

If you've noticed this week I've transitioned into Thanskgiving here on the blog.  My printer is down for maintenance so I've been sharing lots of printables and freebies for you guys.  I can't wait until it's back up and running so I can print out that Turkey Poop for this year's thanksgiving dinner.  And these candy bar wrappers as place settings?  They will be so cute on the table.

It looks like you guys are thinking about Thanksgiving too.  I loved checking out all your printables and great ideas.  I am trying to figure out how to dress my Thanksgiving table this year, so I was excited to check out these crafty ideas that I'm considering for my Thanksgiving table centerpiece.  If you missed them, check out these 3 ideas.

DIY Rustic Candlesticks by Garden Matter

DIY Give Thanks Pumpkin Centerpiece by The Organized Dream

Succulent Cornucopia by The Country Chic Cottage

My friend and co-host of Dare to Share Saturday was celebrating something much more fun this week on her blog--her birthday!  Happy Belated Birthday Pam!

I was married a few days before Halloween and wanted to do a Halloween costume wedding so bad.  But dear hubby wanted nothing to do with that one.  So every year on our anniversary, I want to throw a Halloween party to celebrate.  I have yet to make it happen.

So I was super jealous that I didn't get to attend Pam's Big Birthday party this year.  It looked like so much fun.  You need to go check it out.  Her parties are always so amazing!

What did you do this week?  I can't wait to see what you've been up to!

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