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Relief Society Birthday Dinner Party

Come celebrate the Relief Society's birthday with us! We have delicious food, diy party decorations, great party printables, and a sweet dessert table.  Find out how we did it with all the details so you can celebrate too.
Come celebrate the Relief Society's birthday with us! We have delicious food, diy party decorations, great party printables, and a sweet dessert table.  Find out how we did it with all the details so you can celebrate too.

The women's organization in our church turns 175 years old this year.  It's a wonderful organization which does so much good world wide and in our tiny little area of the country.  I am thrilled to be a part of the service and good works these women do.  And I'm super excited to have been put in charge of the birthday party in our area.

DIY Fabric Table Runner

Our little party planning group decided to make our birthday celebration into a dinner party before the worldwide women's broadcast that our church shows.  We hoped that each would boost the attendance of the other and it would be a good chance to get together and socialize.

We chose to have Taco Salad since it was a low key meal and everyone loves it here.  That allowed us to spend more time and effort on the decorations, which is my favorite part of the party.

The Relief Society colors are blue and gold, so those were the two colors we interlaced into all our party decorations.  I found some super cute fabrics at Hobby Lobby and purchased a bunch of it on sale.  I was able to get three large yellow table cloths and three blue table runners for the large tables, and then reversed the color scheme for the smaller tables.  I used this DIY table runner technique to finish off the fabric and make it really pop.

Crystal Angel Centerpiece

We also set up several round tables for the ladies to sit at.  Each one had a white table cloth with yellow and blue squares in the center.  The large yellow square was 18 inches and the smaller blue square was 11 inches.  I layered them on top of each other at angles to give some dimension and interest to the centerpiece. 

On top of the squares I created some glass minimilstic angels since we were going with flowers and angels as our theme.  I added a little more yellow to the angel by using the ribbon scrap flowers that I made here.  Then at the base of each angel I placed some yellow vine flowers I found on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Beverage Table at the Relief Society dinner party

One of the small tables was used as a beverage table.  We had two one-and-a-half gallon beverage containers.  One was lemonade and the other had a mixture of blue Hawaiian punch and 7-up.  This kept the color scheme going and both were super yummy.

Birthday gift giveaway at the Relief Society Birthday

The other small table was our giveaway table.  We decided since it was our birthday we needed to give away a gift for everyone who arrived on time.  We hoped this would help people come and arrive with enough time to be able to enjoy the food before the broadcast began.

The table had a beautiful carved box that I was given by a dear friend years ago, another glass angel to match the dinner tables, and our giveaway basket.  We found a cute yellow bucket from the Spring line at Hobby Lobby and added a "Friends are God's Way of Taking Care of Us" printable to a 9x12 inch tile, a box of beautiful yellow note cards, a friends picture frame, a bottle of lotion, and some super yummy truffles from Nillsons Confections here in South Carolina.

Relief Society birthday dessert table

We ended up using 2 tables for food and one table for the desserts.  I used a 8 foot PVC pipe backdrop that I showed you how to make here.  I have since learned to cut the pipes into 2 inch lengths and use connectors if needed so I can make the backdrop as big or as small as I needed.  It works great since I don't have these huge pipes tripping everyone in my party closet but instead can store them quick and easy.
DIY Fabric Angels

The backdrop is a blue cheap fabric that I found at Walmart.  To bring the yellow in, I crisscrossed yellow tulle at angles.  Where the tulle met, I added ribbon angels that I made here.  Then we draped some of the yellow flower vines from around the tables onto the top of the backdrop.

Printable Relief Society candy bar wrappers

A few years ago, I shared 4 different candy bar wrapper printables for the Relief Society birthday.  I printed them out and used gold foil to make the blue pop.  The candy bars lined down the sides of the dessert table in between the ice cream cups.

Ice Cream cups for the Birthday dessert table

We decided to pre scoop the ice cream into little cups so we wouldn't have to worry about it during the birthday party.  I was a little nervous about how this would go especially since I couldn't find cute yellow and blue cups that were in our price range.  So instead I bought a pack of clear cups and used my 1-7/16 inch scallop punch and my 1-1/4 inch flower punch to cut out blue and yellow flowers.  The larger flower is on plain blue cardstock, while the yellow flower has different patterns on it. Then I placed a blue gem in the center and glued it to the front of the cup.

I scooped the ice cream the morning of the party and placed them on baking sheets in the freezer.  Since I made sure to push the ice cream down below the rim, I layered the baking sheets on top of each other to avoid worry about freezer burn.  We kept the ice cream in the freezer until after the food was done and we were ready to cut the cake.  Then, we brought it out and layered it on the dessert table.

Releif Society Birthday Dessert Table

I never got the best picture of the dessert table but it turned out pretty cool with 2 angels and more yellow flowers at the back of the table and the yellow and blue birthday cake front and center.

Printable Home Decor Wall Hangings

The last bit of decoration that we added was to the church's walls.  Our gym has these "ugly" orange walls and they clashed so bad with our color scheme.  So we purchased some cheap, plastic, white table cloths and hung them over the walls to hide the color.

Then I used large pieces of blue and yellow cardstock to create frames to hang on the table clothed walls.  The printables that I hung in the frames (and in the gift basket tile) all are available in my printable shop.

Come celebrate the Relief Society's birthday with us! We have delicious food, diy party decorations, great party printables, and a sweet dessert table.  Find out how we did it with all the details so you can celebrate too.

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