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3 DIY Necklaces and Dare to Share Saturday

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Both Pam and I took off the weekend to share it with our families, and we missed you last week at Dare to Share!  But we hope you were able to enjoy a few extra moments with your family and friends.

Now that Easter is over, it seems like we are coming into full party season.  Graduation will be here before you know it, then summer birthdays and family reunions, and then into the Christmas season.  How crazy is that?

I am going to try and get started a little earlier this year so I actually get my gift giving DIYs out of the way.  So I've been looking for some great craft gift ideas around the web.  Thanks for giving me some great ideas for DIY necklaces.  I know some trendy girls who are going to love these necklaces as gifts.  If you missed them, check out these three DIY necklaces which would make great gifts.

Make a Mala Necklace by Brittany Goldwyn

DIY Pom Pom Necklace by Whitehouse Crafts

DIY Pixel Heart Necklace by Do It Your Freaking Self

I had another fun party this week and I'm in the process of showing you the DIY projects.  We threw a Shoe themed party for the ladies in our church as a get to know you activity.  It was a fun experience since I'm not a Shoe person, so it was a different party and theme.  Stay tuned for the party reveal next week.

I'm also working on a Star Wars themed party for May the 4th, so be sure to stay tuned for some out of this world Star Wars party ideas in the next little bit.

Here is what I was up to this week:

Shareable Shoe Quotes

Star Wars Bathroom Prints

Cowboy 10 Commandments

Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets

Hanging Shoe Backdrop

I can't wait to see what you've been up to this week!

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