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Disney Emoji Dinner Party Tablescape

Make your family smile with a fun Disney dinner party featuring the characters from the emoji game. With all the "how to" and "where to" you'll be able to create a memory while social distancing at home.

Since we started social distancing from friends and family, I have found that my kids and I haven't been eating together as a family as often as I we have in the past.

I don't know at what point we transitioned from eating at the table as a family to just grabbing dinner as you wanted and working or playing as you were.

It isn't a trend that I am thrilled with.

So I decided it was time to get us back on the band wagon with a family dinner party.

Make your family smile with a fun Disney dinner party featuring the characters from the emoji game. With all the "how to" and "where to" you'll be able to create a memory while social distancing at home.

If you've been with us here on the blog for a while, you know that I love to do themed dinner parties for my family.  It's a fun way to teach them manners, to get us together, and to have a lot of extra fun with only a little extra work.

Since I've been working on the Disney Emoji party, I decided to take all my new products and projects and bring them together for a tablescape and dinner party.  And I can't tell you how much I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.

First, I decided to host our family dinner party outside on the back porch.  We live in Texas so it was a little warm while setting everything up, but as the evening started, the trees and West Texas wind helped cool things down nicely.

I started with a red tablecloth on our backyard picnic table that we have in our party stash.  It's always a good idea to have a few plain staples in your kitchen if you like to throw dinner parties.

On top of the table cloth, I added a table runner down the center of the table.  Recently I purchased a sublimation machine that actually presses the color inks into the fabric so the colors are beautiful and last a long time.  

This Emoji table runner has all the emoji's from our Disney bingo game up and down the outside of the runner.  With the designed background, it gives the emojis lots of design and flair and ties the whole table together.  

At each place setting, I added a Mickey place mat.  These place mats are so cool.  You can't see in the picture very well, but the place mats have a metallic thread sewn through them so they have a beautiful sparkle.  Combined with the Mickey emoji, it makes the perfect place setting for each guest at the table.

On top of the place mat, I added the I-spy emoji game that I shared a few weeks ago.  You can find it and print it out by visiting the free printable here.

For the table ware, I layered a black salad plate on top of a red dinner plate.  To keep the red, white, and black color scheme going, I also used a black glass at the place setting.  All of these plates and glasses were purchased from Dollar Tree.

I was wishing I had had the Disney plastic canvas coaster sets that I made to put under the glass ware so I didn't mess up any of the table linens, but they are still in Florida waiting for our next move.

I finished off each place setting with mis-matched silverware, a napkin with one of the Disney Emoji's sublimated into it, and a Mickey Mouse plastic canvas napkin ring.

So that each guest knew where to sit, I had one of my Disney Funko's hold up the free Disney Squad Goals candy bar and wrapper that I shared a few weeks ago.  I took off the squad goals and added the guest's name in a Disney font.

Didn't the place setting turn out so cute?  I just love how all the colors and elements play off each other and tie together.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I asked for help a little while ago trying to figure out how to do the background on this Tinkerbell napkin holder.  

I tried many different colors and ended up ripping them all out.  In the end, I decided to go with the blue from the background in the Disney Emoji game.  Of course that was done after I had outlined her wings in blue.  I think I'll tweak the pattern so that the wings are outlined in black like the other designs in this set and keep the blue background.

I ended up sewing four different designs in this set.  I used Ariel and Tinkerbell as trivets or pot holders to keep the food from ruining the table linens.  Anna and her sister Elsa ended up being the napkin holders for the table.

Because I used a picnic table, there isn't a whole lot of room for more decoration.  

So for the centerpiece, I used the Disney Emoji plastic canvas cookie jar and a Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shaker I found on Amazon. 

 (I may totally need to start a collection of salt and pepper shakers now. I am smitten with this set and I didn't think it was too expensive considering they were licensed Disney products.)

Although they were designed to be sent as "Happy Mail", I gave each of our "guests" a personalized Mickey or Minnie gift bag.  

These bags were designed for you to mail to kids who are needing a little "pick me up" due to Covid-19, but they also make great party favors for a Disney party or a Mickey Mouse party.  You can find them in the Party shop here if you know someone who needs a smile in the mail.

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  1. Super cute! What kid doesn't love something Disney! Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.