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Mermaid Thank You Post Card Printable

Teach your kids to say thank you quickly and easily with this printable Mermaid thank you postcard.  This printable is easy to print and color for a Thank You note from even the smallest mermaids after your Little Mermaid party.

Mermaid Coloring Page Thank You postcard printable
One of the hardest and best things to teach your kids is to be grateful.  

Sending thank you notes after they receive a gift at their birthday party is the perfect way to teach them to say thank you and be grateful for what they have.

But it can be hard for little ones to write and say thank you.

Mermaid Postcard Thank You Printable Color Page

But coloring...that's a talent most kids love to express.

So printing out these Mermaid thank you post cards is a simple and easy way for kids to show appreciation after a Little Mermaid party.

Each Mermaid coloring page has two 4x6 inch postcards on a page.

Simply print out on to cardstock and cut around the box edges.

Let your little one color the front mermaid and Thank You message.

On the back there is a line of seahorses down the middle. 

On the left of the postcard, your child can write a thank you note or just their name.

The right is where you need to write the address and add the stamp.

Now just drop in the mailbox and your thank you notes are taken care of.

Super easy and perfect.

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