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Shindig Saturday Weekly Linky Party #5

I'm sorry for the delay in getting this out to you this week.  I had it all set to go, but forgot to schedule it to post this morning.  Then last night, my son "Daredevil" went to spend the night at a friend's house.  The other boys decided to watch a scary movie.  Now, by no means is my little daredevil a scaredy cat, but he doesn't like scary movies.  We don't watch them in our house.  I don't know if it's hereditary, but we have an ease of "bad" dreams.

 He asked the boys to watch something else, but they started teasing him.  So he did what I wish I had done as a child, he called me and he came home.  I'm so proud of him.  I think that took a lot of guts.  But anyway, we spent the rest of the night trying to get that show out of his mind.  We were up pretty late.  We finally dug out my ipod and let him fall asleep to his favorite Christian rock group "Jericho". 

Why is it okay to watch scary shows at a slumber party?  This is not the first child that has had this happen to them.  I had this happen to me MANY, MANY years ago.  I still suffer from that show, even with my logical, adult brain.  I just don't understand.  I guess I could continue to rant about why parents let their kids do that, but I'm getting upset again...I guess I could just say...Nevertheless, I'm moving late today.  Sorry.

This week's winner of a dozen chocolate covered oreos from our is:

Kristen shared her Personal Commandments with us.  I just love this awesome frame.  I wish that I had one to hang above my stairs.  I've been looking for something to go in this spot that would greet my kids each morning as they came downstairs to start the day.  Wouldn't this to great?

I just love all her "happiness" projects.  I think I may have to read this book she keeps talking about The Happiness Project.  Her Happy Box and Mini Journal make ME happy.  I know I could use a little more happiness in my attitude and thinking.  I think with all the devisation, depression, stress, and contention going on right now, we all could use a little more Happy.  (Can that word be used as a noun?)  You should really check her blog out.

Our Party Favor for this week's Linky Party is in honor of our Chocolate Party going on now.

To ENTER, just join our Linky Party by sharing your favorite party themed craft, table scape, photo, favor, or whatever! I'm pretty flexible since just about everything can be used at a party...that's the great thing about us moms! We can see the potential in ANYTHING!

(We'll use a random generator to pick the winner next Friday evening.)

Linky Party Guidelines:
* Link up to your OWN project post, not just your blog, but your actual post. (We want to see it!)
*Grab a Shindig Saturday button for your post or blog page. (Hey, it benefits us all!)
*Stay and enjoy the party by visiting and commenting on other's projects. (It's fun to mix and mingle!)


  1. Just linked up! Can't wait to see all the crafty ideas!! :)

  2. aww yay!! Thanks so much! I'm so excited!! Check your goodwill for frames, I found that one for $4.99!! :)

  3. Thanks for hosting! What a brave son you have, that is awesome! And shame on those parents!