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Shout Out Sunday

Some great ideas for your next party from around the web.

Sun Scholars (one of my new favorite blogs!) shared these great Princess Hats.  I remember when "Drama Queen" was little and we had a princess party, it was so hard to find crowns that would work for her party.  These would have been perfect!  I don't suppose at her Sweet 16 this year she'd want to try again? Probably not, but they would be great for someone else's little princess.

Heidi's Recipes shared her Play Dough Recipe.  Play dough is the ultimate kid's gift.  Your imagination can just go wild when you have play dough.  It's awesome, and would make a great party activity or favor.

Pressed Down, Shaken Together shared these great Popcakes!  This is such a fun, clever idea.  These cupcakes are made out of paper.  This Vanilla Sprinkle Treat Cup would be perfect for a party favor treat! I love it.  You could make these up quickly and fill with little snacks or treats, for an original party favor the kids will enjoy taking home....and no mess for the moms!  (A WIN-WIN!)

Red Ted's Art Blog shared this super quick and easy tutorial on making Little Ducks out of rocks.  This is so amazingly simple that it's GREAT!  I have done several Little Duckie baby showers lately and know how this theme is really becoming popular.  I think these cute rocks would make a great centerpiece on the table or how cute would it be to have them scattered around the dessert table or room? 

Sweet Street Gourmet Cupcakes shared this yummy Knock Off Tagalong Recipe.  This one is shared for all of you who have already gone through your beloved Girl Scout Cookies.  We haven't at my house, but that's probably because we know a pair of twin Brownies.  We ended up buying ALOT of cookies this year.  But for 6 months down the line when Hubby is complaining...this one is for you dear!



  1. Kim - thanks so much for featuring my Popcakes! Vanilla Sprinkle Treat Cup!! These were fun, quick and easy to make!


  2. Aww... you are so sweet! Thanks so much for featuring my princess hats!! I'm a new follower!

  3. Hi Kim!! What an exciting surprise! Thank you so much for featuring my Knock Off Tagalongs!! Yes, in 6 months when you've ran out of all your cookies, please let me know how you like this recipe! {It's the ultimate man cookie, so your hubby should be happy!} I love you site, I'm your newest follower!

  4. Oh! Thank you so much for the shout out (of our stone ducks)! And you have a lovely blog! Fab!