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Soccer Cookie Bouquet

Happy 1st day of March! I just learned that this is National Craft Month.  How fun is that?  So I wanted to share an EASY but high impact craft with you today in this yummy Soccer Cookie bouquet.

Supplies needed:

Fish bowl (Walmart Glass Aisle)
Styrofoam ball (a little smaller than the size of bowl opening)
Aluminum Foil
Hershey Drops (or other fun candy)
Cookies on Stick

I made my cookies the day before using Sugar cookie dough and baking long sucker sticks into the bottom of the cookies.  I used a 2 inch circle cutter and pennant, jersey, and star cookie cutters.

Since I don't like the taste of Royal Icing, I melted (10 seconds in microwave) a little Betty Crocker canned frosting and used some icing bags to pipe the frosting on the cookies.  The frosting was runny enough to frost, but hardened up pretty nicely.

Cover your Styrofoam ball with aluminum foil.  I left a little open on top so it would be easier to place the sucker sticks in. I did find it was easier to slice off a piece of your Styrofoam ball so it would sit flat in the bowl.

Place the ball down inside the bowl in the center.

I used Hershey drops and Cookies and Cream drops for the candy in my cookie bouquet.  I figured this looked more like the black and white of a soccer ball.  It would also work good with M&Ms or other small pieces of candy.

Carefully put your pieces around the outside of your Styrofoam ball.  Try and cover all the aluminum foil from showing, but leave the top party open.

Start placing your cookies into the Styrofoam by carefully pushing the stick down.

I like to start with a center piece and build out from it.  Since I am a very symmetrical crafter, I like to have it pretty even with the same cookies on each side, but it's all up to you.  Place them in there the way YOU like.

You might have to trim down the sticks for the cookies in the front.  That's okay.  They cut pretty easy with a pair of scissors.

One you have all your cookies in, add a few more of the chocolate drops into the top to cover the Strofoam and hide the stick bottoms.
Now you have a pretty easy and yummy treat for a gift or party centerpiece!

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