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Super Bowl Football Candy Bar Printable

Whether you are a die hard Bronco's fan or an everlasting Sea hawks fan, this weekend it boils down to Do or Die.  The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year and it can't be enjoyed without a bunch of great appetizers, dips, chips, and sweets.

After all, when you're team is on the wrong end of the football, you're a little stressed out.  And we all know that stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  So to help you through it, you'll need a little dessert.  Or more specifically, a little bit of chocolate, because Chocolate Solves Everything!

Super bowl football candy bar free printable

And what better way than with a custom Super Bowl football candy bar printable?

The candy bar is Team Neutral and has the Broncos on one side with their team colors and the Sea hawks on the other with their team colors.  The back says "We're #1!"

Super bowl football candy bar free printable by Kims Kandy Kreations
The Super Bowl candy bar printable fits around a regular 1.5 ounce Hershey chocolate bar.  You can either wrap it with a piece of aluminium foil to hide the brown wrapper or you can just wrap the bar leaving the brown to show.  You can see how I did it with my Candy Bar wrapper tutorial here.

Super bowl football coloring candy bar free printable by Kims Kandy Kreations

 If you're looking to keep the kids entertained while you watch the Big Game, and you aren't up for the 10 Football Game ideas I shared this week, you can just print out this candy bar wrapper and let them color away.  It should keep them busy for a down or two at least.

Coloring Football candy bar free printable by Kims Kandy Kreations
Lastly, here's a color me candy bar wrapper that doesn't have the Super Bowl written on it.  You can use this one for your favorite team, you football team party activity, or just a fun way to enjoy some football.

Are you already for the Super Bowl?  Or are you still making a treats to enjoy?  Or are you skipping the whole thing all together?

10 Football Party Games

10 Football Party Games Featured at Kims Kandy Kreations

While Dear Hubby and I love to watch the Super Bowl, our kids aren't big fans for the actual game.  They love that we have a Football party every year so they can get together with their friends and play games, eat food, and hangout.

So while we are watching the Big Game, the kids are usually in the other room playing other games.  To keep them out of trouble and still have the fun spirit of the game, I gathered together ten football party games that the kids can play.

Wall Football by Family Fun

NFL Football Bingo Printable

NFL Mascot Matching Game by Moms & Munchkins

4. NFL Nickname Trivia Race by Funsational 

Football Pin Game

Tailgate Word Search by For Rent

ACC Football Challenge

Football Charades by Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids

Football Pinball Game from ABC Vintage.

The Commercial Game by Pelican Play

Denver Bronco Candy Bark

Denver Bronco Candy Bark. An orange colored white chocolate candy bark with white and navy blue chocolate candy pieces.  YUMMY! And great for cheering on the Broncos #Broncos #Candy #SuperBowl
I admit, I love to watch football.  If I'd  lived in a school that had football, I'm sure I would have played.  As it was, I lived vicariously through my brothers and through my college football team.

I admit, I'm more of a college football lover, than Pro football.  I think somewhere between college and pro, the players lose something that gives the game the fun aspect.  Once you're pro, it's all about the money it seems.  I know there are a few exceptions, but it's always put me off.

But I live in Bronco country now.  So when the Denver Broncos had such a great season, I started watching and rooting for them.  Now we are headed for the Super Bowl and what could be more fun than creating a bunch of treats to celebrate with?

Today I made a yummy, and easy, candy bark with the Denver Bronco colors that will be perfect for enjoying on Super Bowl Sunday.

How to Melt White Chocolate
I started with a few bags of Orange Candy Melts.  Melt the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl  at fifty percent power.  Do it in short minute increments so you don't burn the chocolate.

Make White Chocolate Candy Bark with M&MS
Add a cup of white and navy blue candy pieces, like M&Ms to the chocolate and mix.  (Add more pieces if you are making more than 12 ounces of chocolate.)

How to Make White Chocolate Candy Bark
Line a small baking sheet (with sides) using parchment paper.  Be sure not to skip this step because your chocolate will stick to the metal pan if you don't and be impossible to remove.

Use a spoon or a spatula to spread the chocolate into a 1/4 inch thickness.

Dessert Recipe for the Super Bowl
Add a handful of blue and white M&Ms to the top of the orange chocolate candy bark.  Pop the candy into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes, or until it's firm.

Denver Bronco Candy Bark Recipe
Once the candy bark is firm, pull it out and break it into pieces.  Be sure to put some aside for Super Bowl Sunday and cheer on the Denver Broncos.

If you're more of a Seahawks fan, you can make some Seahawk Candy Bark the same way using Dark Green Candy Melts and Blue and Silver (for the Grey) MandM candies.

Orange Julius Bronco Mug

Growing up in my house, every Sunday was considered a special day.  We would go to church and come home to enjoy the day together as a family.  We didn't go anywhere or do anything, we just enjoyed the time together.  In the evening, my mother would make popcorn and my father would make his "special drink."  We would sit down and watch a show together as a family.

When I think of Special Occasions, my mind always goes to my dad's "special drink" Orange Julius recipe.  I think I love it more than the Orange Julius drinks I can get in the mall.  (The price is definitely better that's for sure!)

The Orange Julius recipe consists of 1/2 can frozen orange juice, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water, 1 Tablespoon Vanilla, and 12-16 ice cubes.  Throw everything in the blender and mix well.

But if we are going to have this special drink as part of our Super Bowl party, we can't just serve it in boring old cups as we root our Denver Broncos on.

I found these large beer mugs at Dollar Tree.  They are perfect for a party mug.  I started by printing out the Denver Bronco logo and taping it inside the mug.

Using Sharpie markers, I traced the Bronco onto the mug.  When it was all done, I baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to secure it on the mug.

The Orange Julius looks great inside the Bronco mug.  It gives it enough of a orange color that you can root for the Broncos while you are drinking it, but the logo doesn't get lost in the color.  Talk about super fun!  And it goes wonderful with my Denver Bronco plate.

You could do the same thing with the Seattle Seahawks, if that's your thing.

Why Not? Free Printable with Shindig Saturday

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to another weekend.  Is anyone else as happy as I am that it's here?

I don't know why it seems that the weeks that start with a holiday are so much longer than regular weeks, but they do.  Maybe it's because I spent the holiday Spring Cleaning our house that I feel like I didn't really enjoy the day as much as I would have liked to.

Why Not? Free Printable by Kims Kandy Kreations   #FreePrintable

I was pretty busy this week on the blog too.  I finished up my Organization series by showing you my new Gingerbread House toaster cover and my Kitchen Recipe signs.  They make my kitchen look so much nicer.  And my blog looks so much better now that I've got it organized for future parties.  I showed you how I do it with my Blog Book on my very first VLOG.  That was definitely a learning experience.

Shop or Blog Poll
Lastly, I'm looking at making some changes to my online store and my blog.  I am considering taking my domain name off the store and bringing it over here and having the store secondary.  What do you think?  If you would share your opinion with me on my facebook poll HERE, I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate it.

Twinkie Despical Me Minions by Karens Ideas Galore
Karen's Ideas Galore shared these Twinkie Despicable Me Minions last week on our Shindig Saturday.  Aren't they the cutest? I guess I'm in a Minion mood after giving myself a few for my birthday this month.  I am definitely going to have Daredevil give these out for Valentines day.  They aren't "Valentine mushy" and his pre-teen friends will love them.

Karen has so many super cute ideas on her blog that I just had to add her to my Bloglovin Feed.  You definitely need to go check out Karen's Ideas Galore.  Or you can stay tuned to my Pinterest feed for several of her ideas coming your way!

Now on to the party...

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Shindig Saturday Blog Linky at Kims Kandy Kreations

10 PVC Pipe Organizing Projects

I absolutely LOVE PVC pipe.  It is such a wonderful medium to work with when you are trying to make cheap toys or home projects.  It is also great for people like me who want to build things, but their Dear Hubby won't let them work with wood and machines due to clumsiness.  (We won't mention the Great Cheese Grater Incident where I chopped my finger off making dinner.)

So when it comes to  home improvement projects, I love PVC Pipe for making Organizing projects.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I have on my "To Do" list this year.

PVC Pipe Bike Rack by My Gems of Parenting

PVC Pipe Princess Dress Rack by Simple Simon and Co

3. PVC Pipe Towel Rack by Unknown

PVC Pipe Paint Storage by Ron's Papercraft Blog

PVC Pipe Hairdryer Holder by Once Upon A Time.

PVC Pipe Ribbon Holder

PVC Pipe Laundry Basket

PVC Pipe Snowman Boot and Glove Dryer by Sugar Bee Crafts

PVC Pipe Ball Organizer

PVC Pipe Tote Racks by Janne.CC

DIY Kitchen Recipe Signs

DIY Kitchen Recipe Signs by Kims Kandy Kreations.  Renters can decorate their kitchen too, and still take it all with you when you move! #Renter #Decorate #Kitchen #DIY
A few years ago I went to my Sister-in-Laws house and she had our family Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on her kitchen wall in vinyl.  I absolutely loved the idea.  It was a fun and functional decoration idea that gave the kitchen a bit of sweet pizazz.

Unfortunately, I am a renter.  So putting a vinyl recipe on my wall was not really practical.  So for the past few years, I've just put the idea in the back of my mind and let it simmer.

While wondering around my local ReStore I found some 12 inch tiles that sparked my creative juices.  I bought a few and took them home to play.  I ended up with these cute Kitchen Recipe Signs to decorate my kitchen wall.

How to make a Kitchen Decoration sign out of your recipe
I started with my favorite paper pack, The Sweet Paper Stack.  (Do I use this pack for everything?  Why yes, yes I do. I love it.)  Since the papers are 12 inches, it made it pretty easy to use as a base for my design.  I printed out my cookie recipe on a blue piece of cardstock and cut it to 10 inches.

DIY a cute Kitchen Decoration for out of your Recipes
I glued the cookie recipe to the center of the cupcake paper.  Then I glued the cupcake paper to the tile.  If you use really good double sided tape, that works too.  Just don't use the cheapy stuff because that doesn't work.

Use Command Strips to decorate your home if you rent
To hang the tile on the wall, I purchased some Command Medium Picture-Hanging Strips.  These are the best thing EVER if you are a renter.  They allow you to hang pictures on the wall and not damage them.  

To hang the tile, I stuck two of the Command Strips together and hung them on the wall.  Then, I stuck the tile to the hooks and held it there for a few minutes.  When I thought it was stuck good, I carefully pulled the tile off taking the top hook with the tile.  Then I let the tile sit for about an hour to make sure the stick was good.

Renters Kitchen Decoration Recipe Signs

After the hour was up, I stuck the tile back on the wall and had my recipe decoration.  I finished it up by making two recipes and hanging it on my kitchen wall next to my YUMMY sign.

I have to admit I LOVE how it turned out!  Now I have a fun recipe sign that I can take with me when I move.  YEA!

Are you a renter?  If so, how do you decorate so you can take it all with you?