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Young Women Weekly Activity Idea: End of Summer Pool Party

If you haven't heard by now, I've been put in charge of the youngest of the girls in my church group.  We have a small group of girls that have a wide range of interests and personalities.  So coming up with fun ideas that they will want to come to weeknight church is really my goal and struggle.

Since school is about to start next week, we decided to close summer with a splash and go swimming for our activity this week.

End-of-summer-Pool-Party-Invitation-by Kandy Kreations

I've been trying to keep the girls updated and excited with what we are doing each week, so I've started sending out "invites" with all the information they will need for each week's activity.

This week, I made some summer beach ball invites. 

I used a bowl to cut out circles in white, red, green, and blue.  Then, I cut the colored card stock into "pizza slices."  I glued the slices onto the white card stock and then used a 3/4 inch hole punch to hide where the slices all met in the middle.


My girls are very much like my kids at home, and are always concerned about food.  So I decided to try a new cookie recipe from my Pinterest Cookie recipe board.  I went with the Root Beer Float cookies from Chocolate Chocolate and More.

They were really easy to make, but I ended up having to increase the baking time from eight to twelve minutes so they weren't a complete dough ball inside.  I'm not sure if that's because of the altitude where I live or something else.  So just be aware if you make them too.

I do suggest doubling the frosting recipe too.  I barely had enough to frost the cookies that turned out okay.  If I had not under cooked the first batch and burned the last batch, I wouldn't have had enough.  And that was with barely putting any filling in the cookies, and I like a lot of filling.

The cookies themselves were pretty good.  The girls loved them.  I felt like I needed a tall glass of anything to drink them down with.  They made me very thirsty.  I don't think these will make it in to my permanent cookie rotation, but they were fun for the end of school summer celebration.

I felt like I should make at least a "token" try and making our activity something more than just partying and fun.  So I found this exercise handout from Little Miss Suzy Q.  It was nice that they were already designed and ready to print and add to the dollar store jump ropes I found.  (Unfortunatly, I did forget these at home, so I didn't end up giving them to the girls.  Sigh.)

The girls ended up having a ball.  They all spent a lot of time playing together, which was something I was thrilled with since they all have such different personalities and don't mix all the time.  It ended up being a great night and a great way to say goodbye to the end of summer.

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