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What’s your excuse?

Do you love all the great crafting and creativity ideas you see on blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram?  Do you struggle to create because you are always critical of your crafts, or don't have time or energy to create? If os, check out this free email mini course to help you rediscover your inner creative genius!

I know I share a lot of DIY crafts and how tos here on the blog.

So many of my friends and community email me to say that they love what I do and often feel inspired to try these projects themselves, but they either don’t have the time or they’re too worried about mucking it up!

As much as I try to reassure them that there’s ALWAYS time (and perfection is overrated), they struggle to figure out how to fit creative pursuits into their lives.

Do you feel the same way?

If so, I think I found the answer!

I found this incredible FREE mini-course. I wanted to share it with you since I have a feeling it could be perfect for you!  It's 4 Steps to Rediscover Your Inner Creative Genius

This four-part course comes with supporting worksheets and has been created by the Ultimate Bundles team (I’ll tell you more about them soon!). It’s delivered entirely over email and only takes a week, so you really have no excuse!

The course will help you figure out what you enjoy creating, how to find the time to do it, how to not feel guilty about indulging in your creative pursuits, and how to distance yourself from that dreaded ruiner of fun: Perfection.

If you want to start creating, just check it out and sign up HERE.

Then make sure you come back and craft with me on all my fun Olaf the Snowman Sledding Party plans or even Valentine's day!

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