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30 Harry Potter Hogwarts Room Decorations

If I had to go back to school, I would certainly want to go to Hogwarts.  Since that's not going to happen any time soon (I'm still waiting on my letter), the next best thing is to decorate my room to look like my favorite parts of the castle.

With Amazon's new Handmade section, you can find all kinds of items to decorate any room in your castle.  And with every purchase, you are supporting some struggling muggle who wishes he or she were right there with you at Hogwarts.

Check out these great handmade Harry Potter items to decorate your room, classroom, dorm room, office, or personal space to look like you just stepped out of the picture frame and into Hogwarts castle.

Deathly Hollows Three Brothers Handcut Paper Art

Personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Michief Managed Ring

Charm Snitch Hogwarts Keychain

Hogwarts Castle Vinyl Clock

Lumos Knox Light Switch Decal

Accio Coffee Mug

Wand Display

I'd Rather Be At Hogwarts Decal

Felix Felicious Potion Necklace

Deathly Hollows Lamp

Wizards Room Vinyl Stickers

Harry Potter Bookmark

Hogwarts Dark Mark Poster

Solemnly Swear Throw Pillow Case

Children Wall Art

Painted Wooden Tissue Box

Glow in the Dark Lumos Potion Necklace

Cupboard Under the Stairs Sign

This Way to the Ministry of Magic

Magical House Mates

Hogwarts Crest Shower Curtain

Books Turn Muggles into Wizards Tote Bag

Do Not Disturb Download

Harry Potter Fleece Pillow

Gryffindor Name Plaque

Spell Book

Hogwarts Houses Cross Stitch Patterns

Customizable Directional Sign

Harry Potter Lamp

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