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Hocus Pocus Party Invitation and How to Edit in Canva DIY

 Easily create a fun Hocus Pocus party invitation using the free editing program Canva. I walk you step by step how to take this free invitation and turn it into a digital invitation you can use to invite your friends or family to your virtual Halloween party (or in person!)

One of the first things you need to do when you finally have your party theme and date planned is to get those invitations out.

Guests need lots of time to plan and rearrange their schedule from all the Netflix-ing (is that a verb?) that is going on with the Virus these days.

Or at least enough time to get excited that they actually have something to do!

But, it's also hard to find fun invitations in party themes. 

Now there's a lot on Etsy....and some of them are super cute....but I was looking for something simple and that went with my theme.  So I just took the Hocus Pocus quote design and altered it a little to make a fun Hocus Pocus invitation.

I share a lot of printables here on the blog.  This invitation is only one of many that you can download, but not everyone is as comfortable editing and creating in software programs.

I get that.  Plus, I don't like to spend any more money on a party than I already do.  (And that's a bit much some days...or if I really get into the theme.)

So it's nice to be able to use a free editing program such as Canva to edit just about any of my Party printables here on the blog.

And it's REALLY easy.

I'm sharing how to edit this invitation in Canva on the computer site, but the app is just as easy.

Start by downloading the Hocus Pocus invitation at the bottom of the page.  Remember where you save it to since you'll need it soon.

Then go to and click the blue button on the top that reads "Create a Image."

Click "Poster".  

This is perfect if you are going to make a digital invitation (send it via Facebook or email or text).  If you want to print and mail, you will need to take a few extra steps but can still get there with the Poster size.

Once you have your Poster up, click on the link on the left side of the screen that says "Uploads".

Then, remember where you saved your invitation on your computer and click the "upload your image" button.

Once you have it uploaded, click on the image and drag it over to your poster.  Using the side buttons, resize it to fit your page.

If you want it two per page, then go ahead and do that too.

Start adding text by clicking on the "Text" button and locating which of the fonts you want to use.

Drag the font over to your invitation and start editing.

If you want to change the font color, highlight the text you want to change.

Click the "A" on the top menu board.  Then choose the color you want from the menu to the left.

Anytime while you are editing the invitation, you can resize the pictures and text using the arrow link or the bars on the side of the picture or text boxes.  Feel free to drag and move well as resize.

When you have your invitation perfect, click the download arrow on the top menu bar.  

A download box will appear with suggestions on how to save your invitation.  If you are going to use it digitally, you will need to select JPG or PNG format to turn it into a picture that's easy to share.

If you plan to print the invitation, you can use JPG, PNG, or PDF depending on how it's easiest to use your computer to print.

Once you select your format, hit the blue download bar in the box and remember where you download it to.

Now the invitation is on your computer as a photo so you can share it however is easiest for your guests.

Hope that helps!

Don't forget to grab your invitation  and also the Hocus Pocus bingo game and party tips series.

Here's the invitation printable:

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