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Hocus Pocus Dinner Tablescape

 Have a fun dinner and movie night with your family for your Halloween party with this Hocus Pocus dinner tablescape. It's so easy and cheap to put together, that you'll be sad you didn't party sooner!

Hocus Pocus Dinner Table
This year was the year of Hocus Pocus for Halloween.

With all the crazy going on...it was so nice to have a little bit of old fashioned, non-scary Halloween fun.

After all, we loved the Hocus Pocus dinner and a movie night we had a few years ago, so why not do it again with some new ideas?

Have a fun dinner and movie night with your family for your Halloween party with this Hocus Pocus dinner tablescape. It's so easy and cheap to put together, that you'll be sad you didn't party sooner!

Hocus Pocus is easy to find in any of the streaming services, so that part of the party is easy.  

We also had a fun game of Hocus Pocus bingo after the movie to tie it all together and used this Hocus Pocus candy bar as a fun prize for those who won bingo.

Hocus Pocus printable bingo game

As for the dinner table, with a stop at the Dollar Tree, it was super easy (and pretty cheap) to put together this spider, witch, and cat themed able.

Hocus Pocus Table Centerpiece

The base of the table is covered in an orange table cloth from Dollar Tree.  On top of that, I placed an Orange, Black, and White striped table runner.

For the centerpiece, I used pumpkin buckets from the Halloween section at Walmart.  Inside I placed a styrofoam ball and used orange, black, and white silk flowers from Dollar Tree and Walmart craft area.

I'm not very good at floral arranging, but I just clipped the flowers off the stems and pushed them down into the styrofoam until I had a design I liked.  Each bucket took 2 orange flower sets, 2 white sets, and 1 black set.

I made three of the pumpkin flowers and placed one as the table centerpiece and the others at each end of the table.  (Both before and after the party, I had these in the living room as decorations during the month of October. They turned out that good!)

Hocus Pocus Dinner Table Place Setting

For each place setting, I purchased a black glass, a silver charger, an orange plate, a white salad/dessert plate, and a smaller orange spider from Dollar Tree.  (The spiders came in packs of two and as singles depending upon the size.)

I used black spray paint to paint the silver chargers and they came out pretty good.  Not great, but good enough for my painting skills and my budget.

On top of the charger, I placed the orange plate and the white salad/dessert plate for a layered look and to match my color scheme.

The napkins are plain white napkins from my party stash and the napkin rings are wooden rings I bought from Amazon, painted black, with the smaller orange spiders glued to the top of the napkin ring.

Hocus Pocus Place Setting for Halloween Dinner

The black goblet was placed above the plates in the center.  I found some hand painted black cat coffee mugs in the Halloween section of Walmart and placed one at the top right of each place setting.

On the other side of the goblet, I found some Salsa bowls in the chip section of Walmart and they made perfect witch cauldrons for dessert. 

Hocus Pocus Salt and Pepper shakers

To complete the table, I added some of the larger black spiders between the pumpkin bucket flowers and a tall black flame candle from Dollar Tree.

It took some doing, but I managed to find this special set of Hocus Pocus salt and pepper shakers that fit perfectly on our table beside the centerpieces.

I have to admit, I absolutely LOVE how this table turned out.  It's the first family dinner table scape I've done in a white and it made my so happy to start doing them again.

Check out a quick video of how the table turned out here!  Then be sure to go grab the Hocus Pocus bingo printable so you'll have something fun to play on Halloween.

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